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Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a Lovely Blog


Can I just tell you how much this made my day?! The beautiful Adele at intotheblonde… awarded me with the One Lovely Blog Award.

Dear Adele, I couldn’t thank you enough for this thought and consideration. I am so glad that I have met you through this little bloggy of mine. You are an inspiration and I love, LOVE, love reading your blog.

Here are seven random facts about me:

  1. I love office supplies. Yup. I think it goes with my OCD and slight perfectionism. I love notebooks, planners, pens, pencils, markers… oh and I am absolutely obsessed with Sharpies. Hardly every use them, but have a million!!!  
  2. I get anxious when the house is a mess, but I also get anxious about how to clean it so it’s perfect. And then I sit and mop about the fact that it’s a mess but am unwilling to clean it because I don’t know where to start.
  3. I am doing my very very best to try and get rid of us much junk as possible before we move in a year. But it’s so hard to say goodbye to some items, even though they haven’t been used in years.
  4. I HATE our bedroom furniture. It’s my husband’s old set, and it’s pretty hideous. OKAY.. maybe not that hideous… but it’s so plane and there isn’t a matching nightstand which drives me nuts. On the positive side there are so many drawers to hide crap in!!!
  5. I am obsessed with books. It’s almost as bad as my shoe obsession, and it doesn’t help that the husband likes to read too. We have so many books.
  6. I LOVE Crate and Barrel and I believe that almost every single kitchen/dinnerwear item we own is from there.
  7. I don’t really like chocolate or sweets. I’m much more into tart, sour and lightly sweetened flavors.

I’d like to award this little award to these lovely bloggies.

Lindsey from Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Elizabeth from David and Elizabeth

Taryn  from Taryn Leigh

Sarah from Sunlight after Rain

Sam from A Place I Call My Own

Veronica Grace from Knitful Dezigns


  1. Thanks for your sweet words Zara! I love reading your blog too & it's so nice to get to know a little more about you! I'm a bit of a neat freak too xoxo

  2. Thanks for the award Zara :) you are such a sweetie!! So glad I discovered your blog :) Love it!!


  3. Thanks so much for the award Zara!! You are amazing! I'll get this posted as soon as i have a spare moment and some sleep in me! Have a great weekend with hubby!

  4. congrats girls! and i LOVE office supplies too! almost an unhealthy obsession! hahhaha


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