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Friday, December 9, 2011

Where did femininity go?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while… well since I realized that all I wear nowadays are jeans and t-shirts while all my beautiful dresses, skirts and blouses hang around collecting dust. Then I saw the above pin on Pintrest, and it really got me thinking.

What is happening to us? I understand that we should all be independent and making our own futures. I fully support that, but didn’t Marilyn Monroe make her own future? Wasn’t she independent. Look at the difference between what was considered sexy and feminine then compared to what is sexy now. … Duck face?! Really?!

I’d like to believe that there is more class in our world then this…


Can we please leave something to the imagination?

My grandma once told me that the best kind of sexy is the kind a man imagines. But with today’s fashion, we’re practically parading down main street naked. Wearing less then a bar out is not okay. Wearing shorts that are smaller then most underwear?! Not okay.

Hi girls… do you know why they call panties underwear?! Because they are suppose to stay under your clothing. Do you know the purpose of underwear?! To not be paraded around in public. The only person who should be seeing the panties you are wearing is the person you go to bed with at night.

Oh and the great American tradition of wearing pajamas out.

I’ve been living in the United States for over 14 years now, and I still cannot get use to seeing people at the grocery store, the mall, hair salon, and post office wearing the clothing they sleep in.

AHH, this look is just perfect! Way to not give a f*** about what others think. How can anyone even walk out of the house looking like this?

I cannot believe that we’ve come to a point in our lives that we die to sit in front of the TV so we can see what the Kardashians are doing, watch the way they dress yet allow ourselves to leave the house looking like slobs.

Why can’t we bring more of the classics back? Why can’t we put on a pair of heels instead of our slippers? Why can’t we just put on some mascara and maybe brush our hair before we walk out the house.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from my experience of working from home is that it is much easier for me to have a productive day, if I get up and get dressed into something nice, do my hair and makeup then sit in front of the computer. When I stay in work out clothing or sweats, I just want to kick my feet up and shop online.

There is nothing wrong with wearing pearls. With putting on a pretty face. With wearing heels just because and with feeling absolutely fantastic because we put in the effort. While some will argue that they don’t have time to put on their makeup because they want to sleep an extra 15 minutes, I can guarantee that it is well worth the time.


Now I’m headed to bed to figure out which pair of heels I’m going to wear to put up the Christmas tree in.

Winking smile


  1. very valid points! I think there's a fine line between sexy/slutty. Too many people get them confused! Great post.

  2. Loved this post. That first "what the f** happened" photo is hilarious. I agree we as beautiful, powerful woman, should put at least SOME effort in not walking out the w/ the same "outfit" we slept on. The point is not at all to impress other people. The effort should be for OURSELVES so we can feel good inside and out. <3

  3. OOOO how I've missed reading your lovely posts :) This one made me smile because I actually just posted something on my blog similar to this last night LOL

    I couldn't agree with you more <3 Thank you for such and awesome point!!!

    HUGSSSS miss you!

  4. Such a great post! I agree with you so much on what you posted here!! Woman really could use a lesson on what to wear. And I love what your Grandma said. It is so very true! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I totally agree! We go hang out with friends and even if I wear jeans and boots I still wear a cute top and make myself look presentable...Then the girls look at me like I'm crazy because they are in T-shirt and jeans. Well, guess what? My husband is a LOT happier than theirs are AND my self esteem is WAY higher. It's a confidence that comes with respecting yourself and putting your best foot forward. I guess mediocre just isn't good enough for us ;)

  6. Love this post as my hubby and I were at the movies a couple days ago and two girls, in what I would call sleep wear with fleece blankets were waiting in the ticket line. If one wants to wear their pajamas and cuddle with their blanket, watch the movie at home!! I am appalled at what people think is o.k. To wear in public.

  7. Amen to that! I'm reading a book right now called "How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World" - you would love it!

  8. i agree completely!

    why people wonder why i like to wake up and take my time getting ready, i'll never understand.
    they should be aware that people want to look their best at all times possible. :D


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