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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I’m Not Ashamed to Admit…


On Monday my fellow Colorado Blogger, Courtney,  wrote a post titled I’m Not Ashamed to Admit…

I loved her post and thought it would be a great idea for this Thursday. If you want a few quick laughs head over to Courtney’s blog With Gratitude and read all about her little confessions. 


So here goes…

I’m not ashamed to admit…

… that I am slightly OCD and freak out when things do not go as planned. And even know I know all the techniques of dealing with obsessions and compulsions, I ignore them because life is easier if I follow through with my OCD

… that I hate when my husband travels alone, not because I’m jealous of the places he visits but because I’m secretly afraid something will happen to him and I wont be next to him. My biggest fear is being without him. I’m a baby.


… that after five years of school, and a stupid degree later, I have no clue what I want to do with my life. I realize I need to find a job, but there is NOTHING I can do with a BS in Psychology.

… that I could eat cheese, crackers and fruits for every meal during the summer.

… that I have a deep desire to cleanse out our lives from all the extra things we have, including clothes, shoes, decorations, books, DVDs, and so on.

… that I would love nothing more then to be able to pack up our belongings and head out on the road, with no particular destination in mind.

… that even though I love a clean and organized house, my house is nothing close to it right now. The mess drives me insane and I fuss at the Mister about it.

… that I the feeling I have after going to the gym, but can never seem to find motivation to get my butt there

… that I don’t want to lose weight, but rather get back into shape. I don’t care if I weigh 200 pounds as long as I like what my body looks like and am healthy.

… that I always state my opinion, and even though it gets me in trouble, I’d rather tell the truth then make up a white lie.

… that I enjoy blogging and writing more then anything right now, and would love to make a career out of it. I’ve even considered going back to school for a graduate degree in writing rather then psychology.

… that we spend entirely too much on vacations, travel and other experiences AND do not regret a penny of it.

… that I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes

And above all, I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT that I love my husband more than anything in the world. I cannot see where I would be if he wasn’t in my life. Even though it is cheesy, I truly do fall more in love with him every single day and am still amazed that I get him all to myself.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, and that means that I’m link up with beautiful Jamie over at This Kind of Love.

I’m Loving that it only took $55.00 to fill up a full tank in the Camaro yesterday. Yup. I was paying that for a half tank about a month ago. While it might not seem like gas prices have dropped, I can see it reflect on how much I pay to fill my tank.


Honestly I was starting to feel like I’d have to give up my first born child as well, to try and get the car filled.

I am loving these beautiful Louboutins

I would do right about anything right now to get my hands on a pair of these babies. They would be perfect for an outfit I have in mind, and I am more than willing to pay the obnoxious price for them. Sadly, I cannot find anywhere where they are still available. Seems like I was late to the party, and missed out on these perfect pumps.

Sad smile


Here is another pair that I would love to own right now. This one, I cannot find in this color, however I did find it in a brown and black, which aren’t as flattering as this.


And these ones. These however, are on the CL online store at $900. I think they might have to wait until I have a real job that can afford to spend a paycheck on these beauties. I have to admit, while I hate spending extra cash when I can get things for half price, especially when it comes to clothes, shoes are not in this category. I LOVE getting deals, but am totally willing to spend extra on a pair of Loubies. This may be the only designer I am willing to spend extra on.


I’m also Loving these jeans:


I love the wide leg and cuff look, and really need to invest in a few nice jeans. Mine are getting a bit beat up, since I keep wearing the same three pairs.

And these boot-cuts. I personally just love the Flur-De-Lis on the butt!

I’m Loving these dresses:


Bebe Addiction


Cache Charmeuse Cocoon Dress


Side Ruched Dress


Jersey Goddess Dress

Finally I’m Loving these:


 image image

Swarovski Nova Ribbon Necklace and Nova Bracelet


I hope you all are having a better Wednesday than me. My car decided not to work this morning, and my face feels awful due to my sinus infection. However, it’s overall a pretty awesome day.

<3 Z

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Travels – Travel Essentials


I haven’t met anyone who didn’t love to travel. Whether it is for a long weekend road trip or a month long European tour, there are some things we simply cannot live without while traveling. For me, there are a few items that are musts when I travel, no matter where to.

My very first Tuesday Travels post was about my always packed overnight bag. I talked all about what I have packed and ready to go, if we decided to run out of the house and take a short or long trip last minute.

This post, is going to be about the few items that are on a list inside my little overnight bag as a reminded of what I need that do not fit into the overnight bag.

{ONE} – Wedges

Depending on what time of the year it is, I like to either take a closed wedge or an open toed, more summery wedge.

imageI tend to go for a nude, light brown and sometimes a pinkish tinted wedge that will go with a tote that I’ll be using on the trip. The wedge has to be comfortable for a day on my feet, exploring and sight seeing. A wedge is a must because it is so easy to dress down and up all at once. This cuts out on the need to have a pair of shoes to go with every outfit.

For example the nude Christian Louboutin’s (second on the top) are perfect for both a day on the town with a pair of jean shorts and a night out with a flirty dress. The added comfort of having a wedge instead of a heel is also perfect.

{TWO} – Bikini

I tend to go for a basic and always classy bikini when packing just one. I love Victoria Secret bikinis and think that 90% of what I own are from there. I recently got this number for under $40, from there, and love the color. The pastels always make you look tanner than you are! So I pack a solid color bikini. In the summer I tend to go for a black or a bright color, in the winter for pastels or white.

{THREE} – Jeans

Packing your favorite pair of jeans is a must. Pick a pair that makes your butt look awesome, your legs long and would work perfect with the wedges you are taking.


I’ve recently started to love the Miss Me brand jeans, which fit perfectly on me. I also love the distressed/destroyed look. Not too much of it, but just enough to make the jeans look worn and comfortable. I love bootcut, because it fits perfectly over heels and wedges, and I’m one of those girls that likes the jean to either sit at the ankle (skinny) or cover the shoe all the way. I hate that mid-shoe, high water sort of look. BAH. 

{FOUR} Two or three tanks or t-shirts


I love simple tanks and t-shirts when traveling. They are very versatile. You can wear them with jeans, shirts, shorts, and so on. Dress them up with a long necklace and VOLA! Perfect outfit for a day out or a night on the town.

{FIVE} – Cross body bag or Tote

imageI am obsessed with Coach bags. I have a few from different places, but the majority of my bags are from Coach, and honestly I love the quality. Granted I never pay full price for a single one! I’m lucky enough to have a Coach Factory Outlet only about an hour away and usually get an additional 30% OFF of the already 50% OFF prices. I prefer to have a cross body bag for when I’m traveling, small enough to handle an ID, a credit card, some cash, my camera, a pair of sunglasses and chap stick. However, I like to actually get on a plain with a tote, so that I can bring a book, snacks and so on with me. So I tend to take a cross body, and a tote with me.

{SIX} A Dress

image I’ll usually just grab one or two dresses. Depending on what the occasion of the travel and where we are going, and what time of the year. I tend to grab either a black dress that I can dress up or down, or a shirt dress that is more casual.

{SEVEN} – Cardigan


Finally, a cardigan to cover up on a cool evening, or to dress up an outfit. I love cardigans, simple because they are the perfect companion to any outfit. They are not as casual as hoodies but just as comfortable.


What do you pack as a must in your travel bag?!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It’s Monday and I’m back on Track


Last week was interesting and very frustrating, and I was going to write all about it on here, but decided that it would just ruin my good mood. Hence, no recap. It’s in the past and I do not want to think about it.

On the very bright note, my Monday started out with a free morning and afternoon. So I went to the gym. I fixed my membership issues, which should allow me to have access to my online account now.

I spent 35 minutes on a stationary bike, per recommendation of my doctor.This was the first time I was on a stationary bike, and I think I like it. I might even take a spinning class in the near future.

Even though it only burned 150 calories in the 35 minutes I spent on the bike, I could feel it working my quads, and my knee didn’t hurt once.

After the gym I headed over to Shane Co. To get my ring cleaned and another one resized. Another, thing off my to do list is complete now.

When I got home, I wasn’t too hungry but knew I should eat something, so I made myself a fruit and cheese plate.


I had aged Gouda and some Gruyere, which are two of my favorite cheeses. A whole black plum, half of a Granny Smith apple, some grapes (which were super sweet and awesome) and a few butter crackers. It hit the spot and was defiantly a good choice.

For now, I’m going to finish drying my hair and head out to the library to try and teach a 10 year old to like reading. If you have any suggestions of books or tips on getting a kid to learn to like reading, I’d greatly appreciate you sharing. 

PS: Don’t forget about my very first give away

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A giveaway and a big THANK YOU!


Here I am! Back, from my nightmare of a week! I am feeling much better now that the Mister is home, and I’ve gotten a few things taken care of and settled.

When I first started this blog I honestly did not think that many people would actually follow, or even care about it. It was a way for me to document my life journey and share my thoughts with whoever felt like reading. However, what I discovered was a community of women who are so caring and loving that I never expected. I have found some amazing friends through my little blog and am so happy to have them in my life.

I want to thank every single one of you that heads over here and reads what I have to say. I know it’s a mixture of lots of different things, but that’s what my life is like and this is who I am. Again, thank you for caring, for being supportive and just overall fantastic.

In celebration of breaking 50 followers, I wanted to do a very special give away, however with the crazy week I have had, I really did not have a change to get what I wanted done. So, for now the give away is this beauty:

02 NYC Necklace Giveaway

I was out buying a few things for my new niece, and decided to stop by New York and Co. That’s where I found this beautiful little necklace. I got one for myself, and then wanted to give another to one of my amazing readers.

03 NYC Necklace Giveaway

My camera did not want to take in the true color of this necklace. It is more of deep turquoise/aquamarine.

So one of you gals will be getting this beauty to add an amazing pop of color to your outfits.

Each one of the following is one entry:

  1. Follow me on the blog
  2. Follow me on twitter
  3. Tweet about the giveaway
  4. Like the Facebook page
  5. Just leave me a comment

Leave me a comment letting me know which of the above five options you did. You are more then welcome to do all five and get five entries.

I’ll be selecting the winner on Friday!

Love you all!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Come on in

The Mister leaves on a week long conference tomorrow to the middle of nowhere Virginia, so I figured I’d put him to work putting together my new office/craft/work area in the basement.
Our basement is HUGE, literally a full size basement, unfortunately it is not finished yet, so please excuse the insulation installed but not dry-walled walls.

 Please don’t mind all the wires, or the fact that the wall looks right out of an insane asylum. This is where the Mister is trying to figure out how to make my brother’s old PC work. I think I’m really going to enjoy having a desktop computer to work on. 

The computer actually turns on, and loads everything up. So my brother has a mission to reformate it so that I can load my programs on. HELLO Photoshop on a desktop! It is going to be epic, since the screen resolution will be much better then on my laptop and the netbook! Woo!

 Then we’ve got the art’s desk. I use to use this as a scrapbooking desk but it has not combine all kinds of arts. Including the paintings I’m working on, and all kids of other projects. OH and an extra yay for my mother who dug up some of my old acrylics and a bottle of clear varnish. She just saved me about $50.00!!! Thanks Mama!

Close up of the desk! Just because I know you were DYING to see it!

And a sawing table set up. Those pretty fabrics will soon be turned into some great scarves. They are going to be fantastic.
I know there is still a lot of work to do. The area needs some major cleaning up and decorating and wire hiding. However, I am stocked that it is all up and set, and actually functional.

Now only if the computer will reformat and the internet will connect. I will be one happy camper.

I may or may not be around tomorrow due to an ugly little exam I need to take on Tuesday, but if not. I will hopefully be back from the laptop with lots of posts and updates for you all by mid week.

AND a giveaway by the end of the week to celebrate the 50 followers. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Happy List


I’ve been pretty bummed out lately, and negative this past week due to my computer issues and being so behind in life in general. To add on to this, I still have to take pictures of all the clothes for the blog sale, finish putting everything on the computer. I have 3 articles waiting to be written that I’ve neglected. A pile of laundry to be done. Some studying and research that has been adding up in a not so neat pile. My office/crafts area to be set up and decorated in our unfinished basement and so on.

But I think its time to make a happy list to really see why my life is wonderful and why I should be grateful for everything I have, instead of being a negative nelly all the time. So I am linking up with Mamarazzi for a weekend Happy List!

I have the best husband in the world. Really guys, you may think you have the best guy, but this one is the best[period]
He puts up with my fits, especially when I am fussy and go off at him for no reason whatsoever!
Yup, this one right here is a keeper. He works hard daily to provide for us, he helps me around the house when I ask him, and he totally supports my decision to work from home, even though it means less money right now and a longer period of time to pay off debt.
In short, he makes me happy and I couldn’t ask for more.
I am so happy that I tried our PinkLouLou’s tutorial on how to do a French manicure at home.
I couldn’t find my white polish so they had to be silver, but I really love the way they turned out, which means now I can do them at home and save money! I gave up on acrylics in November and I’ve just been painting my nails whole which gets boring, but now they can have all kinds of colored tips.
In addition, the Mister LOVED them, and commented on them, which is saying a lot because he rarely notices or comments on my nails.
It makes me super happy that we decided that we are going to take a road trip down to these two’s wedding in November.
Please tell me they aren’t the cutiest couple you have ever seen!!!
This is the Mister’s cousin who is so lucky to be marrying this beautiful girl. They happen to be one of my favorite couples, so it makes me really happy that we will make it to their special day.
Of course unless something stupid comes up between now and November.
It makes me even happier that we might be able to do our road trip in our beautiful Camaro.

She’ll be a little over a year old, and as long as we don’t have any snow in the mountains or we decide to drop two grand on a new set of tires (not likely) we can take this baby out for a nice drive on the open highway. Otherwise we’ll take the VR4, which would also be an awesome drive.

As for things right now.

I’m happy that I get to set up my brothers old desktop and use it, and don’t have to spend extra on getting a new desktop.

I’m happy that the sun is shining. It makes me happy even if I do look like Rudolph and cannot go out and play in the sunshine.

I’m happy that I have a roof over my head, food on the table and enough funds to live comfortable.

I’m happy that I know we’ll be able to pay off all of our debt within the next 6 to 7 months. Well at least the bad debt.

I’m happy that the Mister and I have the same game plan, and that we are on the right track to making our dreams come true.

I’m happy that even today, we’re living our dream and have each other to lean on.

In short, while there is a longer list of negatives I can give you. I’m happy to have the life I have. Happy to have the people I love in it. Happy to be alive and to be able to have so many wonderful people with me.

On an even brighter note. I was not expecting to get 50 followers this month. BUT I did, and every single one of you makes me so happy. Every comment, every email and every visit makes me jump up and do a little jig. ALSO, as I had promised the day I got 50 followers I would do a giveaway. Well, the giveaway is something from my new project, so it should be ready within the next week and will be announced as soon as possible.

Thank you all for making my day such a happy one, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring about what I write and reading it. I’ve met some amazing people through blogging and am so glad that I get to meet more.

LOVE love LOVE you all!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Confessionals

It’s Friday again and time for the confessions for the week. I’m linking up with Mamarazzi!


I confess that I’m super annoyed with my laptop. I mean, really super duper annoyed and slightly frustrated. I got the charger BUT it is not the right one, even though the Amazon seller said that it works for HP Touchsmart 2s, I just went back and checked. I wanted to bang my head against the desk or better the wall.

On the brighter note, I finally went to the doctor and got a physical and talked about all of my concerns. And I confess she convinced me into trying yoga, specifically Hot Yoga.

In addition, I just went ahead and bought this deal:


Even though they don’t have hot yoga, it was too good of a deal to pass up. I am so excited to get into yoga and adding it to my workouts.

I confess I’ve put off getting things done for a while, and used my computer being a jerk as an excuse. OOPS. Now I have to get it all done tonight and tomorrow. GREATTT!

I confess I am so excited for my amazing and beautiful best friend to come up this weekend from Boulder. We’ve got a project brewing and I know it is going to be amazing. I also confess that I hate the fact that we live an hour away from each other, and between our hectic schedules have very little time to spend together. I wish we were kids and could just watch movies and drink hot tea.

I confess I’ve been doing too much online window-shopping and all I want to do is buy more stuff. My window shopping includes, shoes, clothes, makeup, houses, cars, electronics and so on. On top of my list are the following:

I also confess that I have a nasty sore throat and my allergies are flaring up. My nose is running, my throat hurts, and I cannot swallow. I’m pretty miserable, and all I want to do is sleep. Having to redo an article that has been submitted twice to only come back with idiotic comments makes me an even more frustrated and grouchy.

I’m going to stop here before I start bitching about all the other negatives.

Hope you all are having a great Friday, and I’ll try and catch up over this weekend.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, and that means that I’m link up with beautiful Jamie over at This Kind of Love.

There is always so much to love on Wednesday, especially lately. Wednesdays have turned into my favorite days of the week. Usually, I have the day off from work, school, and such. I get to have lunch with my grandpa and I get to catch up on life. Today, might be a little hectic since I have a few articles to start and finish since my computer is still inaccessible it might be a bit of a complicated task, but regardless the sun is shining, and everything is at peace.

Oh and to top things off, my cousin just had her baby halfway across the world. I wish I could go see my new little niece but it may have to wait until next summer when we have the money for such an expensive trip. BOO! I want to see her NOW. Any of you want to finance my trip?! Any takers at all?! 

Anyways, so that would be the first thing I’m loving! I have a new niece I get to buy all kinds of cute things for. I’m thinking some of these:

249624_166681673395851_154151414648877_437008_5274950_n 221658_156130277784324_154151414648877_360518_1015933_n204340_157708897626462_154151414648877_371341_310142_o

My friend Ashley makes these beautiful baby accessories, and I talked about her in this post. She is the owner of Cupcake Couture. You all should check them out if you have little ones that need cute accessories. 

I’m also loving these amazing pieces of jewelry from Marolsha

A Spring Garden Necklace.  Spring and Summer Inspired, Romantic, Sweet. A Great Gift. Garden Weddings.   

Summer Sun- A Pale Ivory Cream Rose Cabochon and Blue Turquoise Howlite Gemstone Beads Necklace. Bridal Gift. Summer Inspired.

Tamaria - A Clear Vintage Glass Pear shaped Earrings.  Romantic, Elegant, Feminine

Aren’t they just perfect? She has a ton of other items that I am absolutely in love with. AND I sort of wish I had unlimited funds to make all of them mine. I am going to have to add a few of them to my collection regardless. LOVE them!.

I’m also loving these shoes:


I need a new pair of flats, and I love the yellow, and the gems on this Naughty Monkey. They seem perfect for a summer day out or even a night out on the town.


These Guess by Marciano wedges are amazing. They look perfect for the summer. And I just love, LOVE, love Guess shoes. I haven’t owned a pair that was not comfortable or that I did not absolutely love.

As always I’m loving life in general.

And of course my handsome, hard working and absolutely amazing husband.


I’d like to point out that he deals with the above very well, and its another reason why I love him so dang much.

Hope y’all are having a fantastic Wednesday!


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