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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guest Post – Walk with Me


As part of the new changes to Eat, Shop and be Married, I am starting Thursday Guest Post section. I feel that it’s nice to have to have a different opinion on the blog. I also find that it’s a great way to discover new blogs. I know some of my favorites I discovered through guest posts on other blogs. So without further ado, I’d like y’all to meet Sherry from Sweet and Sassy. She is beautiful inside and out and has the most amazing sense of style.

Hey everyone!  Sherry here, from Sweet and Sassy and I am so excited to be guest posting for Zara since I love her sense of humor and outlook on life!  And I am also excited because this is my first time guest posting ever - so be gentle with me! 

Ballerina skirt

I often get the question, “How do you put together an outfit?”; so I thought I would attempt to finally try to answer it.  I do not have any earth-shattering words of wisdom to pass along, and I have a hard time explaining what really goes on in my head.  So, I thought the best thing to do, would be to invite you on a little stroll through my brain while I take you through my process of picking out an outfit.

Blue and white dress2

There are two places I start when trying to figure out what on God’s green earth to wear: I will either start with a piece (skirt, necklace, shoes) that I have been wanting to wear and dress around that, or start with an inspiration photo, figure out what I like about it and run with that idea.  Once I have my piece or my idea, I ransack the closet to put the rest of the outfit together. 

Green and purple outfit

A lot of times there is a “look” or style that I am going after; for instance, I may want more of a girly look so I keep the pieces light and feminine, or maybe I’m liking a more edgy-rocker style, so I use lots of black and tough accents like studs and grommets. 

Sequin tank top

**A side note on style: I do not believe you have to limit yourself to a defined “style”, I think fashion is meant to be fun and experimental, so dabble in all areas and wear whatever style you feel like wearing.  However, if there is just one style you like, then by all means, stick with that; there are no rules, so just go with what you really love.** 

Welcome to the ‘trying-on’ stage, which is where we do some fine-tuning.  I like my outfits to be figure flattering, so if something seems too big or too small or is just not hitting the right spots, then we either change the piece or add something, such as a belt or a couple safety pins, to give the right shape.  Just a quick note on shape: try to keep some balance; if you are wearing something looser on top, then go with a slimmer bottom; and vice versa.  One thing I recite as I put pieces together is, “What is expected and what is unexpected?” . . . like I said, not the most earth-shattering advice.  But I like to either stick with what you would expect to see in an outfit, like a big girly bow and feminine heels with a sweet dress, or go with the unexpected, black studded belt and black booties with the sweet dress.  Once the outfit is complete, we move on to accessories and this is where the magic happens!  Accessories can make or break an outfit; take a simple t-shirt and jeans, add a huge necklace, a boyfriend watch and a stack of bangles, et voila - no more frump girl, you are chic and polished!  So this is where the theme/look/style really comes in to play; if you are going for the bohemian look, then definitely pile it on!  But if you are going for a more classic or professional look, then keep it simple and save the crazy accessories for later.  Ok kids, we did it!  We are dressed and ready to face the day, and looking as fabulous as ever!

Yellow sundress

I hope this was even just a tiny bit helpful, but no feelings will be hurt if it wasn’t!  A huge thank you to Zara for inviting me to guest post today!!  It’s been fun visiting and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thank you again to Sherry for taking the time to write this post. Please let me know if you are interested in guest posting. Thanks all! Now go check out Sweet and Sassy and leave some love for this beautiful lady.


  1. Yay!!! Thank you for having me!! :)

  2. So glad you invited Sherry! LOVE her blog, and her style!

  3. Is her body perfect enough??!! Not fair!!! And all of these outfits are to die!! Great guest post =)

  4. Great guest post! :)

    I follow Sherry already - love her! Would love to do a guest post for you!

  5. ridiculously amazing style!!! and i love your tip about picking a piece you're wanting to wear and styling an outfit around that! great tips Sherry! (and i think i have the second picture dress if it's from forevs...if so, i always feel blah when i wear it...but that is b/c i dont spice it up like you do! im trying it next time with a cute belt, etc!)

  6. Aww!! Such sweet comments!! Thank you all!! :)

  7. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Such an awesome post, so much information to soak up jejeje <3 I love love all of your outfits, they are so gorgeous and very well put <3 so lovely...

  8. Loved Sherry's post! Also love your new look blog xoxo

  9. Such a great first guest post - congrats :) love all the outfits you have featured!



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