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Bucket List

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” 

~ William Ross

There are many things that both Donald and I want to do. Our bucket list is long and I have every intention of sharing it here with you!

1. Buy 3 to 5 acres of land in Texas
2. Build our dream home 
3. Settle into a career that I am passionate about
4. Write a book.. or two
6. Relearn Russian 
7. Learn Spanish
8. Relearn French
9. Get back down to 128 lbs 
10. Get Scuba Rescue Diver Certified
11. Get Scuba Dive Master Certified
12. Dive the Great Bearer Reef 

13. Learn to horseback ride 
14. Snowboard the Alps
15. Resign from a job I don't like
16. Travel the world - every country in the world

18. Take a cruise to Alaska
19. Get a '67 Camaro SS and refurbish it to it's original condition, with white body and black racing stripes
20. Finish the 3000GT VR4
21. Start my own practice (Family and Marriage Counselling with an emphasize in Sex Therapy and Military Couples) 
22. Get a Master's Degree
23. Obtain a Ph.D. 
24. Become a mentor to someone
25. Climb one of Colorado's beautiful 14ers
26. Make a difference in someone's life
27. Watch a sunrise over the ocean with Donald
28. Watch a sunset over the ocean with Donald
29. Become a better photographer
30. See the Northern Lights
31. Get a puppy!
32. Learn to appreciate wine
34. Hold a traditional annual ball
35. Learn ballroom dancing
36. Learn to Tango with Donald

37. Learn to swing with Donald
38. Learn to Salsa with Donald
39. Learn the Viennese Waltz  
40. Learn the Waltz (so just learn to do all kinds of fancy couple dancing ;-))
41. Take a cross country road trip! 
42. Drive on Highway 1 in CA up to Napa Valley

43. Swim with dolphins 
44. Dive in Cozumel Mexico
45. Dive in Grand Cayman
46. Live in a different country with Donald 
(I've lived in several different countries before getting married)
47. Have two or three children
48. Eat sushi in Japan
49. Visit a volcano

50. Visit the glaciers in Alaska 
51. Go on a cruise
52. Go on a cruise on the largest cruise-ship of the time
53. Visit a castle in England
54. Visit Nice in France
55. ....

This is an ongoing project that I will be updating as time goes by... 
It's way past my early bedtime and my brain is fried ... There will be more :-)

Let me know what's on your bucket list! Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? What kind of a legacy will you leave? 

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