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Monday, March 19, 2012

Well… Hello there

So it’s been a little while… 2 months and 1 day (but who’s counting) since I’ve been on here. You can go ahead and give me the worst blogger award right now, but I’m back… at least for the day.

I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed all my amazing readers. For those of you who know me in real life or follow me on Facebook, you know a lot is going on. I figured, I’d catch everyone up on here in a bulletin point type of post… as I’m writing this while I eat a late (very late) lunch.

  • We finally have a start date for the hub’s job… April 9th. This means that we need to be living in Tucson by then. That sounds fine right? WRONG. The hub’s has to work the 2nd through the 6th of April here in Denver AND report to his new position on Monday the 9th. Leaving us with just the weekend to drive down.


  • We didn’t get the house we initially wanted, the builder sold it two days before I called them to put in our offer. Instead we got the bigger version that’s right next door. More space = more money to spend :-/. We’re not crazy about this, but we needed a place to live and the builder’s offer was fantastic. We close on the house on the 26th of March… a week from today. Great right?! It really is fantastic, BUT we have to be there in person, which means we need to leave Denver on the 24th to drive down there. No biggy! Aside from the fact that hub’s doesn’t get back from Baltimore until the night of the 23rd…

  • Speaking of the hub’s being in Baltimore… well he’s there for 2 weeks, he’s been gone a week already, leaving me to pack everything on my own. While this is no fault of his as he’s gone for work, it’s stressing me out to the max.

  • Oh and packing?! I thought we had everything boxed up, and it would be a breeze as we’re getting rid of almost all of our furniture… well, turns out we have more crap then I thought. We’ve already got my in-laws Wells Cargo full with a couch, book shelves, boxes of books, clothing and shoes. Sadly, there is still a ton of stuff in my parents basement, including all of our kitchen junk (dishes, pots and pans, small appliances…).

  • OHHHH, and the fact that we have to buy appliances (just a fridge, washer and dryer) drives me insane. I can’t find anything I like in the price range I want.

  • In addition to the appliances, we need window treatments as our windows are bare, we need to seal the tile throughout the house and the garnet counter tops in the kitchen.

  • To add the cherry on top, I found the perfect pup that we’re adopting… and we have to get her on the 25th of March… the day we get into Tucson and before we close on the house (I’m a genius … I know). Thank GOD for pet friendly hotels!


The newest addition to our family, Lilly the Doberman

  • Then we’re in a shamble about a car… do you remember my little hot rod?! Welllllll… that was suppose to be a truck or an SUV with 4 doors and a back seat. Instead, we got another two door car with no back seat. You’d think that between two adults we’d be smart enough to figure out that we need something that seats more than 2 people. Well… now with the pup, and me having to drive back to Denver every 6 weeks for work… I need a different car. Except that hub’s isn’t willing to give up the Camaro, and I don’t wont a higher payment.

In short, we found out 6 weeks ago that the Hub’s work papers and clearance went through and started the house processes then. Between the realtor, lender, builder and title company, we finally got the paperwork worked out and all set. 4 weeks ago, hub’s start date was April 22nd to May 6th, 2 weeks ago it turned to the 9th of April.

Between working full time, going to school, and dealing with this move, I’ve had no time to take care of myself or sleep. BUT, we’re almost there. In two weeks time, I should be sitting in my beautiful house in Tucson stress free!

Well, my lunch break is over and I hope to get another post up for tomorrow. So many things to share with you all!!!

Do you have any moving tips for me? What about cars? What are your favorite SUV/Crossovers? I am trying to decide between the Tucson and the RAV4… thoughts?


  1. Whew! I even knew all of that and I'm still exhausted reading this post!

    DEFINITELY the Tuscon! I want to be car twins when we live next door! :-D

  2. Yay for updates.

    Umm new family member Lily is perfect.

    Yay for the new house. EEK. Exciting.

    Boo for appliances not being to your liking.

    More updates please.


  3. oh my. you look like you've been a busy gal! :-) Okay so its so funny that you asked about SUV's b/c my husband and I have been looking at a TON b/c we are having our 2nd baby...I love the Mazda SUV and I also really love the Acura (but who doesn't?!?!) right now I drive the Saturn Vue and it has been a GREAT car too!

    good luck...I love the RAV4's so you can't go wrong with that!


    come on over and follow along my blog all about color! I think you'd really like it--not that I'm bias or anything haha


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