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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Formal Introduction

Hi all, hope you didn’t think I died, or anything like that.

We’re finally moved, and getting settled in. There was lots of big changes in these parts of town, not only did we close on our house in the last month, but we also got a new car, started putting together our house (which has depleted all of our savingsSad smile) and got our baby girl.

Out of all the new things we’ve gotten lately, the one that makes both the hubs and me the happiest is our Lilly.

Please meet Lilly!

Lilly Bug

She loves her food, exploring the backyard, long naps and car rides. She is also a fan of getting her mama up at 6 sharp every morning for a little walk and a long nap afterwards. Lilly is about a year and a half, and one of the best dogs I’ve ever met. She is super smart and learns quickly. She’s already figured out that our lives revolve around here. She’s also marked the house as her own and is now a guard puppy. Granted she is chicken shit and will bark and then hide behind me. She hates baths, but loves rolling in the dirt. She is also not a fan of being left alone, and follows me around all day long.

Lilly is a Doberman Pincher with natural ears and a docked tail. She is about 70 pounds and will fill up to about 85/90 when she is fully grown. She loves to grin, which can be scary at first, smile and roll around on her back while her daddy gives her belly rubs.

Lilly after grooming

In short, we’re completely in love with our little girl and couldn’t be more thankful to the a-hole that dumbed her at a shelter with her brother, because his fiancé said it was either her or the dogs.


  1. Awwww Congrats on your sweet girl! She's so cute! Hope she gives you many years of happiness!

  2. Awww! I LOVE her! Their selfishness is YOUR gain! I'm glad she's in a stable, loving home!

  3. She is gorgeous! My grandma had a Dobey from Germany, and they are fierce and loyal dogs. She will protect you, but be content being your best friend!


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