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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

On Finding Passion


I finally found something I’m passionate about, and it makes all the difference in the world. When selecting a career path at the age of 17 and applying to colleges, having very limited experience in the world, I thought that psychology would be my calling, and not only would I love my job, but I would make lots of money. It turns out, psychology was not my calling. In fact, I hated it. I hated it so much that it didn’t matter how much money I could make.

So after $60k, two years of working for free and an awful lot of biology and chemistry, oh and a piece of paper that states I have a BS in Psychology. I decided that it really wasn’t for me. Instead I picked up a camera, and honestly it wasn’t love at first sight and I never thought I’d want to make a career of it.

Through the years, my camera became my best friend, and I grew to love the beauty that I could capture. I realized that when I look through a lens I see a different world, and I like it. However, I did not realize my passion for photography until I encountered Sue Bryce and feel completely in love with her beautiful images.

People are my passion. Specifically women.

While I love capturing the smile of a newborn, the glow of an expecting mother, the happiness of a family. What I love above and beyond this, with undying passion, is making women look and feel beautiful.


Every woman, no matter their age, size, and personal opinion about themselves, is beautiful. AND they DESERVE to have beautiful portraits of themselves. Not simply to feel beautiful for one day, but as a reminder that we are all absolutely perfect the way we are.

Finding your passion should be the first thing you do, before settling for a career. Without passion the days are just long and the weekends not long enough. I’ve found that since, I came to my revelation and discovered what I really love to do, my days have been much more exciting and productive. Not only while I work on my personal photography but also in my 9 to 5 job, my home, relationship and life in general.

Believing in and loving what we do is the only way to live. I find that while I’d like to make lots more money, and could find a job that would pay me twice as much as I currently make between Chimpsy and photography, I love where I am in life and wouldn’t trade it.

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  1. I love photography. I wanted to make a business out of it thinking it was perfect for me and something I wanted to do. Then I realized i didn't want to ruin my passion for it by making it a job. Now I do it for myself :) Your pictures are beautiful!


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