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Monday, October 15, 2012

Where is home?

For the past six months I’ve been trying to adjust to the fact that I know call sunny and hot Arizona my home. And still refer to my beautiful Colorado as my true home. However, I caught myself calling Armenia home just the other day when a client asked how my trip was and I answered with “there’s no place like home.” This last conversation really made me wonder what a home is and how we define it.

The conclusion I came up with is that home isn’t really just one place, home can be anywhere and almost anything. A home can even be a car, a spouse, a child or a pet. Home is where we’ve left a part of our hearts and in return received a part of someone elses.

I have many homes, and I enjoy traveling between them, and knowing that I am always loved and welcomed there. I have a home in Armenia with my grandmothers, cousins, and aunts. I have a home in Colorado with my parents and brother and friends. I have a home here in Arizona with my husband and Lilly. These are just a few of the homes I have.

Everywhere we go, we leave a part of our hearts, we forever give a part of ourselves to that place, that person, that thing, and they forever give a part of themselves to us.

I find myself liking the idea that my home is truly anywhere where I choose to be happy and where I have loved. Sometimes, I find myself feeling the most at home on the road, in my car with Lilly. Sometimes, it’s sitting across a dinner table from husband. Other times its talking to my dad over the phone, or chatting with my mom over Skype. And yet other times it’s having lunch with my grandfather at our favorite Panera.

Home is where our heart is. Home is being with the people we love. Home is where we choose to be happy and create memories that last a lifetime. 

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