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Saturday, January 29, 2011

5000 Miles

Today was a particularly early Saturday morning for Donald and I, we got up around 8:30 am, usually we lay around till about 9:00 or 10:00 depending on what the previous night had in store for us. Anywhooo... Donald had a Magic tournament at 10:00 am and I had to get our newest toy into the dealership for her first service check!

So breakfast was a hurried and simple ordeal... It consisted of an apple with two tablespoons of creamy natural peanut butter, accompanied by a glass of Arizona Southern Style Sweet Tea!!! 

I love fruits for breakfast! I usually have a bunch of snacks between breakfast and lunch, so I don't tend to eat a large breakfast but I always, always, always have to have TEA!! 

It doesn't matter whether its hot tea or cold, it's always the best way to get my fix of caffeine. 
August 20th, 2010 - Just drove the car off the
lot with 7 miles that I put on it test driving 
Once breakfast was taken care of, my mother and I left for Park Meadows where the dealership as well as our favorite stores and my fantastic hair stylist are located. My beautiful Camaro SS was dropped off in the incompetent hands of the dealership for its first ever check up, 4780 miles! We bought the Camaro in August as an impulse buy while out looking for a truck, and have not regretted a single minute of it (even though it is damn awful in the snow)!!!

The car is beautiful, and powerful at 430 HP stock. We have big plans for this one... once the factory warranty wears off...

With the car squared away, my mother and I headed over to the new Kirkland's that was opened by our good friend Ralean! I had never been to a Kirkland's and was defiantly in happy land due to my obsession with home decor and decorating!!!!

I bought a few pieces for the dinning room, the guest bathroom and the top of the kitchen cabinets!! Planning on going back next weekend for some more goodies! The goal is to clean out the loft and our bedroom so that the decorating process can began!!!

Between shopping and waiting for the car to be done, my mother and I visited Kaitlin (my stylist) to get her hair done! Kaitlin is fantastic and gave my mom one of the best haircuts she's ever had!!! 

Once my mom was armed with a beautiful A-line, it was time to pick up my baby and head to lunch!!!!!

Lunch was amazing!!! We stopped by Panera Bread and I had my usual tuna salad sandwich! I love their tuna mix on the honey wheat bread with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and spicy mustard!

Then I got home and did some homework on Human Sexuality, drank lots of water and got ready for dinner at the in-laws!!

Dinner was all fancy! My mother-in-law just got her dining room cleaned out so she decided to take full advantage of it and we set down to a nice family dinner!  

My plate was amazing! A slow cooked pork chop with gravy, a pile of mashers with butter and steamed broccoli with olive oil and fresh Parmesan. 

It was a good day! 

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