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Monday, October 10, 2011

The haircut that the hubs hates


On the 26th of September I decided that I needed a haircut. I was contemplating dying my hair bright pink… or red… or a combination of pink and blue… but in the end I decided on a cut.

This was my hair on the morning of September 27th. Long, dark, straight, with long bangs.


We cut off the pile of hair pictured above.


This is what my hair looked like after.

I am personally in love with it. Short hair is my favorite, especially in the age of clip in extensions. I love how easy it is to fix it, and leave. I don’t have to spend an hour actually styling my hair.

Husband had a very different idea of my hair thought.


Hubs was upset to say the least. This is his “annoyed/glaring/what the heck is my wife taking pictures of” face.. which is very appropriate to how he felt about my hair.

He’s gotten a little better about it, and hasn’t mentioned the emotional damage I’ve caused him by cutting off my hair.

Sorry Husband. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back. For now, I’ll enjoy my short, easy cut!



  1. I think your hair is cute both ways! Maybe he is upset that you didn't "prepare" him? My husband would be devastated if I cut my hair, and since I want him to like the way I look, I probably won't cut it. He wants to shave his head, buy hasn't because of me :)

  2. Love the new hair cut! So cute!

  3. I think it looks super cute on you!! He'll get used to it!

  4. I love it! It looks gorgeous on you!

    Boys and their long hair. I don't know why it fascinates them. Haha.

  5. Your hubs is silly-- I think you look amazing!!

  6. Oh my gosh, I think you look adorable!!! You totally rock that short hair!

  7. I love the cut! It looks so good!! Men are so strange about us chopping hair off....

  8. i think it looks super cute, but IMO men almost always prefer long hair... i contemplated cutting mine, but i always get cutters remorse... LOL so im not gonna do anything drastic just yet... i think its good to change up your look every once in a while so if you love it, he'll just have to get used to it!

  9. AAAHH!! I LOVE it!!!! SO stinkin' cute!! It totally frames your beautiful face and looks so chic!!! :)

  10. LOL! Love the cut! It looks so great on you! My husband is the same way...although I'm starting to hate the time my hair takes up in the morning!

  11. Boys don't like short hair. Oh well. They get over it. I like it! I think it's cute!!

    And I'm glad you're back at blogging! I've missed you too!! I'm sure you're exhausted! It sounds like you have a ton going on. My running has gotten Tim off the couch and he's started couch to 5k too!! He even bought running shoes and dri-fit clothes. I'm proud of him too. :)

  12. girlfran...i think it looks amazing!!! super cute and sassy. men just dont like change. you can def break out some extensions for him and he wont know the difference. hehe. hope you are doing well :-)

  13. IF I could actually pull off short hair and IF I could grow a pair and do it, that is EXACTLY what my husbands face would look like!! He has threatened our marriage if I chop off my hair (I think he's just kidding...,pretty sure at least ;) but I did tell him that if I have HIS babies- that I reserve the right to chop it off! But seriously I would not look half as fierce as you with short locks. You look great!

  14. I think it looks stunning. :) it really suits you!


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