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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It’s Wednesday Love

It’s been a while since I’ve joined in and done What I’m Loving Wednesday with Jamie, so here I am today.

I’m loving that it’s dusting snow outside, the beautiful grey skies and the fact that I can work from home on this beautiful wintery day. I’m also loving that we are officially in the “almost winter” season here in CO. You know they say that our seasons consist of almost winter, winter, still winter and construction. I personally love this, because there is nothing better then a cold day where you can huddle under a blanket with a hot cup of tea.

Snow from the loft

I’m loving that in  15 days we get to go on a 2.5 week long vacation. It will consist of a wedding, a road trip. A little time in New York or Boston for our anniversary, and Thanksgiving week in DC with one of my favorite cousins and his family.

First stop in Lubbock for the wedding

Next a drive to Tucson, to make sure we actually like the house, and the area.

We’re still deciding on New York or Boston for our anniversary

Then to DC for some family time

I’m loving that I narrowed down a dress choice to two, and I think one will be for the wedding and the other for our anniversary.




Now to only figure out which one to wear to which event.

I’m loving these shoes that should be arriving at my doorstep any minute now.


Nine West Aroundtown


Levity Nicolo Pump


Badolino Varnissa Bootie

I’m also loving that between discounts, rewards and online offers, I was able to get all three of these for about a $150.00 total. I’m thinking I win.

I’m loving the Hunger Games… I know I’m a little late to the party with this one. BUT I read the first book in a day, and cannot wait until the hardcover set arrives at my door so I can read the next two.

And as always, I’m loving my amazing and wonderful Hubs.



  1. I definitely vote for Boston! Because then I can see you! And that black dress is a-mazing!

  2. Those shoes are amazing! Super jealous of your travels {and your snow}. Boston or NYC you can't go wrong. Dying to go back to DC. LOVE your blog.

  3. Hey, I just found your blog via the link up and I live in CO too! :) My husband and I just moved here in July (we live near Boulder) and I cannot believe the snow today, crazy!!

  4. OMG. I'm stuck on the fact that you got snow already! i'm dreading when it's going to make it's way to MD.

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. I am loving me some loafer heels! I definitely think the 2nd book is the best in the Hunger Game series!

  6. Wow, you got all 3 of those shoes for $150???? NICE!! Fabulous picks!!! :) Yay for vacation - love those dresses too!!

  7. 2.5-week vacation???? I would love that too :). I vote for the black dress and New York.

  8. Wow! Zara your road trip sounds amazing. I adore NYC but have never been to DC, take plenty of pics hun xoxo

  9. the dresses are both super cute. i vote the black one for the wedding! love the lace!

  10. Ah I remember the snow in Colorado, it's so beautiful :) we're finally in summer now so i'm loving the opposite things to you - beach, sun, cocktails and long evenings :)


  11. I love the last shoes. So cute. I want a pair of wedge oxfords...

    And I'm so glad you jumped on the Hunger Games train. I adore those books and recommend them to all!


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