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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Travels: Tucson, AZ

Our trip to Tucson was mainly for one reason… to find a house. BUT I was hoping that we’d get some sight seeing done, and get familiar with the city. We were successful in the first goal, but failed miserably in the second.

We spent all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday looking at houses (a post about this later this week) and only got Thursday evening to explore. So here is our Thursday in pictures:

We got to Tucson around 2:00 PM local time, and were greeted by the first of many “man cactuses” we would encounter. We figured a picture in the airport was appropriate, as this is our first time in Tucson.

We got our rental, and I decided to take pictures even though I should have been navigating. The Hubs GPS decided to poop out and we were a little lost, until the stupid thing found the signal again.

The drive was pretty. We have mountains in CO, but it always seems like they are so far away AND they are only to the West. In Tucson, the mountains were everywhere.

This is a portion of Downtown Tucson that we only drove by, and did not have time to actually visit.

After finding our hotel and checking in, we decided to head out to explore and have dinner at a restaurant that was recommended to us by a friend. Blanco. The food was decent, but more California Mexican which we are not huge fans of. However, the Blood Orange Margarita more than made up for the okay food. HOLY YUM!!!!

We had spotted a gelato shop in the outdoor mall where we had dinner, but were so stuffed that we had to walk around to digest before stuffing our faces again. The Hubs decided he was going to “pose” for my picture and did a little James Bond look. He’s hot. I know. I tried to copy him, but failed.

We also ran into a little cactus palm tree. This guy was little, but cute. 

This is the only sunset we got to witness, since we were looking at houses the other three days. I was hoping for better pictures, but these will do until November.

We enjoyed some Italian Ice cream with this view.

I was slightly annoyed, since I was hoping to do a lot more than this little sightseeing, but what can ya do?!

I was also a little annoyed, because I dragged my DSLR all the way out to Tucson, and forgot to bring the charger or the spare battery. #epicfail


  1. What gorgeous pics! I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "cactus palm" tree. Too cute!

    What is California Mexican? I actually prefer authentic Mexican food as opposed to Tex-Mex.

    I can't wait to see which house y'all pick out. Just imagine the views you're going to have. Lucky girl! ;)

  2. Yay for Tucson! I love their mountains and how you can see them everywhere :-) I hope you really love it there!

  3. Wow, it's incredibly gorgeous there!!!! And I am loving your haircut more every time I see it!!! Good luck with the house hunting!!! :)

  4. My cousin got married in Tuscson and a few years ago and while I couldn't make it, the pictures were GORGEOUS! Glad you guys got to see a few things at least, and have a yummy margarita!

  5. You and Photoshop are becoming good friends it appears. Please share any tips you're finding. I think the picture of downtown Tucson is fantastic. How did you do that?

  6. Wow, now I really want to visit Tuscon. But, then, I'm a sucker for a man cactus!


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