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Monday, January 16, 2012

Project 366: Week 2

Day 8 Grocery ShoppingDay 9 Made my first Green Monster

Day 8 was Grocery day. I actually made a list and shopped from it. To make things better, I made everything I planned to and didn’t run to the grocery store for anything all week. Day 9 was my first encounter with a Green Monster. It was okay. I might have putt a little too much peanut butter in it.

Day 10 Burrito BarDay 11 First snow of 2012

Day 10 was Chicken Burrito Bar night. I tried to make this a bit healthier and it turned out delish according to husband and awful according to me. I usually flavor the chicken with a tomato salsa and season the beans more. Day 11 was the first snow storm of 2012. It was an awesome day to sit at home, sip tea and work away.

Day 12: Hubs took the day off and we headed out to the mountains for a Thursday of snowboarding. Keystone had just gotten fresh snow, it was about 38 degrees and no one on the slopes. It was pretty close to heaven.

Day 13 Cream Brule

On Day 13 I decided that I wanted to make some creme brulee. It turned out amazing! Finally Day 14. Mammoth home opener and the retirement of Brian Langtry’s #6 jersey. How ironic that our team wins by 6 points?!

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