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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project 366

Since it is a Leap Year, I thought it would be right to make the original Project 365 into 366. There is something I love about leap years. Maybe it’s because they only happen once every 4 years, or the fact that my paternal grandfather, who I never met, was born on a leap year and almost on the 29th. However, I have big plans for this year and a good gut feeling that this year will be epic.

For 2012, every Sunday I will post pictures of the week that past. So here is the first week of the year!

Day 1 Toasting to the New Year

We brought in the year with some delicious food and drinks. I spent the second day of the year trying to exchange a pair of pants for jeans, and ended up with my very first pair of jeggings… which I am now in love with. Period.

Day 4 Getting back on the work out horse

I dedicated the third day of the year to doing laundry. One of my goals this year is to do laundry on a weekly basis and not leave it until we literally have no clothing to wear to start washing. So I washed, dried and folded about 6 loads of laundry. On the fourth day of the year, I decided to get my tennis shoes on and do some cardio. OHHHH and did it feel good to get back into the working out!

Day 5 Groupon and Sherlock Holmes Day 6 Munchin war

On the 5th day of the year, the hubs, my brother and I went to see Sherlock Holmes. We had a Groupon for a large popcorn and a ticket at the Movie Tavern so we decided to make it a dinner and a move. Had some greasy bar food and enjoyed the movie! Day 6 of the year was filled with a ridiculous amount of work for me, so when everyone got home we ordered pizza, opened a few bottles of wine and played Munchkin. Which may or may not be one of the funniest games.

Day 7 Christmas Tea and Scone

On day 7 of the year. I went to brunch with a good friend of mine that I have known for about 13 years know. Which is the majority of both of our lives. She’s practically a sister… not to mention that she is dating my brother in law, so our life long joke of being sisters may actually become reality. SmileWe had some delicious tea, scones and English pies at a little tea shop called English Tealeaves. It was fantastic.

What did you all do this week?


  1. this is an awesome idea! i wasn't aware this year's a leap year :/

  2. Those scones look fantastic! yum!

  3. thanks for the answer. do you think it's worth it to buy the 50mm f1.4 for my rebel t1i? it's ~100$ here near my place. :/

  4. I'm still not exactly sure what these "project 365" you post about what you do everyday? Could be fun, I guess. I like yours so far! Ps. We are going to Atmosphere and Common at Red Rock on the 27th. Wanted to mention it in case y'all might go!

  5. I'm doing my own Project 366 where I take a photograph of myself with someone everyday and post it up. To be honest, I have faltered on a handful of days and I'm trying to get back on track now!!!

    I'm quite inspired by your blog. Once I'm done with this, I'm going to do a project where I just report on the week that was.


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