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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lots of things to Love

As I stated last week, there’s a lot of things in my life that I’m loving, and I most likely sound like one of those overwhelmingly happy-all-the-time people who are just having the perfect life. Please know that my life is no where near perfect, and there are lots of things I could complain about, I just choose not to right now. If I did choose to complain, I feel that I may go down a path of depression and really… that’s just not a good place to be. So, it’s Wednesday, and I’m linking up with Jamie over at this kind of love!

I’m loving

… that the hubs let me sleep in a little today and took Lilly out for her morning bathroom break

… that we have amazing neighbors who have the cutiest little boy and so many of the same interests as us. It sure makes moving to a place where we known no one a lot easier.

… that I get to go get my nails done with said amazing neighbor

… that I am having Nutella for breakfast nutella

by the spoonful and right out of the jar

… the fan/light that is now installed in our bedroom.


Thanks to the amazing husband who can pretty much do anything. However, I’m NOT loving that all the breakers are labeled wrong, and that we have to flip the “kitchen island” switch to shut off power in the master bedroom… FAIL electrician FAIL

I am absolutely loving these two…


Kristin and Ki… Kristin blogs over here, and I don’t know what I’d do without our almost daily Skype sessions.

I am loving that my parents birthdays are a day apart. Literally… born the same year and all. And that I have a big surprise for them… since this is the first birthday that I wont get to celebrate with them.

Speaking of parents… I could love mine more.


I’m also loving these impulse purchases that I shouldn’t have really made:

Forever21 – $11.80

Forever21 – $22.80

beautiful skirt that can be dressed up or down. AND you can't beat the price

Forever21 – $20.00 (no longer available)


AE – $39.99

Can you blame me? With these kinds of prices, I just couldn’t pass them up.

I’m ALSO LOVING the new photography gear I got… with the husband’s blessing of course:

Some color gels to go with this little flash:

I decided to go with the Canon one, just because I like to keep things in brand. It is a bit more pricey to go with a brand flash, but the quality and durability is worth it to me. If you are looking for an external flash and don’t want to spend a lot, here is a great one that you can try out:

It gets great reviews and the only thing that it doesn’t have is the auto-set with the camera, so you have to manually set the power of the flash… which is usually better anyways. This baby is going for about $70.00 right now. I plan on getting one to have as a second.


A tripod… I have an amazing monopod, but not a very good tripod, so I invested a little bit into getting a nice one that will last me a few years. And of course, I needed a new ball-head for the above tripod:


My monopod and the ball-head are both Manfrotto and I LOVE THEM. So I figured this is a pretty good choice. It also has the quick release, which will save you a ton of time taking the camera off the tripod.

I also got these guys:

An external shutter control and a reflector. These were cheap, and I learned the hard way that it’s best to have them around, then to need them and not have them. The shutter remote is about $20 and the reflector is under that.

Finally… I am Loving these two:

001 copy

and this one:


Photo taken by my amazing friend Lena. You can find her here and here.


Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!



  1. So many blessings! Love your dog pictures- so cute! :)

  2. Your dogs are so cute, and your electrician FAIL story made me laugh...although I can definitely see how that would get annoying pretty quickly!

  3. That is such a cute picture of y'all! TskTsk* you eating Nutella out of the jar. Haha. Try the Earth Balance Peanut and Coconut spread/butter...You will LOVE it, and it's better for you than Nutella. I am loving that we get to meet this week!! I'm giving you a shout out on the blog tomorrow!


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