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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Traditions

Two lovely ladies are running a Fall challenge, and since it’s my favorite season of all I’m going to play along.

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Bliss Bars
New boots and trench coats



Anniversary Trip


We also celebrate every single Halloween, cook up lots of things in the crock pot and start Christmas Shopping. Fall is the best time of the year, and there is nothing that can beat it.
What are your Fall traditions? Head over to Neely and Amber to join in.


  1. ahhh i posted that exact trench coat on my last WILW post!! I must have it!! :)

  2. Found your blog through Suitcase and Stiletto's :) I love spinning's wonderful. our gym offers it at 5:45am and IT KILLS me to make it there but then afterwards feels so good. Cute blog!


  3. Fall is MY season B! You better back up! hahahaha jk! Would you believe i tried my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte 2 weeks ago? Gotta say, I love it!

  4. I love me some pumpkin spice lattes! And that coat is too cute!

  5. I love the sound of the pumpkin spiced lattes - never had one!

  6. What are Bliss Bars? Are they something that you get at starbucks too? They look good. Are they cranberry flavored?

  7. OMG I had forgotten how good those Bliss bars are! Have you had the Gingerbread latte? I actually prefer it to the PSL.

    I am so excited for fall! I love the cooler temps, walks in our woods, and comfort food!


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