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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A feel good weight

While I’ve been away from the blog world I’ve been stuffing my face with all kinds of things.

Husband has been on a kick of cinnamon rolls… you know the size of your head messy goo covered in even sweeter glaze?!

And guess what this chick has been doing?! Give up? Been stuffing her face with the giant balls of fat and calorie. I think I read somewhere that one of these babies has 900 calories… or something to that effect. How freaking gross am I?!

I’ve also been indulging in a glass too many of sweet red wine, soda and of course those sinful little huge margaritas the hub makes. It’s been nice, sitting at home in the hubs flannel pants, eating and working away. Since I work from home, I haven’t really needed to fit into pants or any other form of proper clothing for weeks. So it came as a surprise when I tried to put on my favorite pair of jeans, and ripped a belt loop trying to pull them up.

I did the wiggle, and tried to dance around to get into my jeans. I finally succeeded but it was a whole workout of its on. I literally huffed and puffed my way into the jeans, and than plopped my fat behind on the couch to take a breather.

How freaking ridicules is that?  

I have a nasty habit of getting to my feel good weight, which usually correlates pretty well with getting into my jeans comfortably weight, and than stuffing my face and not going to the gym. So, here is to trying to break the vicious cycle.

I’m going to a 5:30 AM spin class tomorrow morning at the gym. I feel that if I get my workout done early in the morning, I’ll have more energy and time to spend on everything else during the day. My biggest excuse for not going to the gym is that I haven’t finished enough work and still have so much to do. If I get the gym out of the way first thing in the AM then I don’t have anything to worry about for the rest of the day.

I’ll also be back on My Fitness Pal tracking my routine, calories and so on. I’m going to add in three days of spin at the gym, and a mix of P90X. It has been, by far, one of the best workouts programs I have done, with serious results.

Hope this new routine works out for me. My fat hinny needs to fit back into my jeans… because jeans are freaking expensive and I am not about to throw away or replace my $150+ jeans. No sir.


  1. Ooops!! Loved this post. I always excercise 1st thing in the morning, it sets you in a positive mood for the rest of the day & you don't have to worry about when to fit it in. good luck!! xoxo

  2. Ah I know the feeling all too well :( don't stress though, I always find the more I try to lose weight the less those stubborn kilo's will move! Love spinning though, such a great form of exercise :)

  3. I'm with you girl!! Got back on My Fitness Pal this morning! I've been avoiding it way too long... *sigh* We can do this.. right??

  4. I think we definitely all have this happen at times...I know I for one am constantly wobbling between a feel good weight and a squeeze into my jeans weight...oops.

    Nice job on getting up for spin! I love spin classes!

  5. Have you ever tried Crossfit? AMAZING! I also tend to work out in the morning because I find if I dont I make all kinds of excuses to not work out after work. I cant let myself not work out though especially since I have managed to loose all kinds of weight to begin with. I am doing a Fat Nikki vs. Skinny Nikki post tomorrow. Come check it out!


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