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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh Hi Dara

My current position has me dealing with lots of people from all over the country, on a daily basis. … and sometimes I have to be on the phone with them. I hate phones. Really! If I could text and email, I’d just do that all day. I don’t mind talking on Skype, I don’t mind talking to people I know on the phone… like my mom and hubs. However, I HATE talking to random people on the phone.

It drives me nuts to have to repeat everything a million times, when in an email its right there, all spelled out. What drives me nuts the most though is people getting my name wrong. I understand it’s a unique name, however when I spell it out to you, and repeat myself 3 times, and than tell you “it’s like Sara but with a Z… as in Zebra” you’d think you’d get it.

Just today, I’ve been called Dara, Tara, Lara, Mara, and several other variations or –ara with a random letter stuck in front of it.

However, one lady from Dallas TX, took the time of asking me exactly how I pronounced it, and wouldn’t stop until she got it right. She also made sure to apologize for calling me Tara first, and then told me my name was pretty.

YOU GO LADY! Totally, made the phone call worth it. Thank you, for taking the time to learn my name, and then complement me on it!!! 

I don’t really think this post had a point. I just wanted to give this lady a shout out, and say thanks.

Just another checkmark on the pro side for Texans.



  1. Hahaha this post made me giggle! The thing is, I KNOW we enunciate our names properly. I think people hear us correctly, but their brain just makes them repeat whatever name is closest.

    I have an unusual name (thanks parentals!), so when we had our son I stressed the importance of having a "normal" name to my husband. I'm telling you, as a kid, I would have loved to been a Jennifer or a Jessica - just something easy that people wouldn't screw up. I think it's such a shame too because I *love* unusual names, but it has just made my life difficult.

  2. I can totally relate to this post... having a name that is spelled differently than everyone pronounces it gets super annoying after a while... Mine's Shana (Shay-na) -- one time i had a lady call me Janet... which sounds nothing like it. I usually get Shania, Shawna, Shannon or some other messed up variation of my name... ugh. LOL

  3. LOL!! I get that all the time too - Jerry, Terry, Cherry - I answer to just about anything that even somewhat resembles Sherry ;-) I'm so with you on the phone thing - can't stand talking on the phone, really my parents and sister are the only ones I'm ok with talking to. Not sure what it is about the phone, but I would totally rather talk in person!

  4. Hilarious!!


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