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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy birthday

… to the best husband in the world.

Dear Husband,

Today marks the 5th year that we will celebrate your birthday together. It’s been an adventure going through the years. We have changed and grown a great deal as a couple. Your first birthday was only a month after our first “official” date, and I can still remember you picking me up from work to go to the Underworld concert. I remember, curling up in the front seat of the Avalanche and falling asleep on the drive home. I remember you gently nudging me awake as you pulled up to my driveway. I never thought that I would love you as much as I do today. If on September 11th of 2007, someone told me that in just a little over two years we would be married and building our amazing little life together, I would have never believed them.

n507824364_351255_830523rd birthday at the Underworld concert. We look incredibly young, and that smile of yours melted my heart away. 


24th Birthday, the Avenue Q show at the Denver Preforming Arts Center, where we set next to the awkward old man and his son who couldn’t stop laughing at the “Internet is for Porn” song.


25th Birthday, celebrated in Vail with just the two of us, before coming down to Denver and heading out to a lounge and pool with some great friends.


26th Birthday… I don’t have an actual photo from this day, since somehow our point and shoot got lost. We celebrated the day in Chatfield Reservoir where I got open water certified by a great Dive Master from A-1 Scuba.

Today, we’ll celebrate your 27th birthday with some of our closest and dearest friends and family. I can’t promise that I will not overcook, or that I will not make a big deal of you. But I can promise that this year is going to be yet another great one.

I love you, more today then yesterday and more tomorrow then today.



  1. AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was soo adorable, Its so awesome to see the pictures and see how you two "grew up" together jejeje Its so cute :) I hope you guys have an amazing day <3

  2. sweeeet sweeet post. happy birthday to your precious hubby! here are to many more birthdays to come. hope you had a great weekend pretty girl.

  3. Happy Birthday to the hubs!! I'm sure you will make it awesome for him! Those are great pictures too! Isn't it simply amazing to share Birthdays with someone you love so much? I hated my Birthday until my husband came along.

  4. happy bday to him!!! hope im not too late :)


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