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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear Friday


You must really be joking me as there is no way it can actually be Friday already?! AND I guess technically it is still Thursday, but for most of the world it is in fact Friday. On top of it it’s the 19th of JULY! Is anyone else seeing the time zoom by. I seem to have a to-do list that is longer then the hours in the year, and I feel very unaccomplished these past few weeks. Should probably revisit my goals from last the beginning of the month.

Dear Lilly, you gave me a heck of a time this week. First I come home to you having devoured a whole bag of sandwich bread. Then that same night, you decided that it would be a really good idea to jump on mom and dad’s bed and PEE on it. Really bug? Is this what we have taught you? Dear Time, please slow down. I need to catch my breath. Dear Leia, I love you for kicking my butt. Even know my butt is literally sore and I am loving being back at the gym and having some guidance as to what I need to do. Dear Photography Clients, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for the repeat business and for all the referrals. You guys rock and be advised that I will be starting a referral/repeat customer program that you will LOVE. Dear photographers who give out digital negatives, please stop. It’s really hurting the industry and not doing anything for your sales or reputation. Just think of all the people re-editing your photos and then getting them printed at Wal-Mart. Terrified yet? Dear Leia, thank you for the pep talk the other day, while my butt was getting kicked. You got to know that you are worth it!!! It’s helped a lot this week. Dear Husband, I’m sorry that you hurt your finger yesterday while trying to do laundry, and NO a hurt figure is not an excuse to never ever ever do laundry again. Dear Colorado, I will see you in 12 days! That’s right, I’m counting down. Dear Bed, you are calling my name, BUT there’s a discussion that needs to be done for school.


Finally, Dear Weekend be kind to me. I’m on call all day Saturday and Sunday. Let’s hope for good weather and no issues in ANY of my cities.


  1. I am totally there with you on the time thing! And my Husband would definitely try to use a hurt finger to get out of laundry.. Even if it was not hurting anymore!

  2. ZARA! Or are you talking about MY LIFE in that first little paragraph?! Time zooming by, feeling unaccomplished and like I DESPERATELY need to revisit my goals. HOLY COW! Anywho, consider me an official 'follower' of your blog. Adorbs! Love the title of it too! Have a great week pretty lady! xo


  3. Sounds like a crazy week! Dont let hubby off with the sore finger excuse. Bet its not too painful to drink beer with hey hey! Hope you have a relaxing weekend x

  4. my bed is telling me to stay in it all day haha

    come say hi at

    have a great Friday!

  5. My dog TOTALLY peed on my bed this week too. I did not discover this until 12:30 at night, two hours after it happened. I could have strangled the little rascal. Three loads of laundry at 1:00 am later...


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