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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A few random facts and a little challenge

I’ve seen this little challenge going around, and thought it would be perfect for a Wednesday post… for the next ten week

So to start off here are 10 “secrets” about me that you probably don’t know.

1. I love cooking. I cook when I am stressed, when I’m happy, when I miss my mom, when I want to cry, and just because I want to make something yummy. OH and I never really follow a recipe. I get an idea from a recipe and then run with whatever feels right. Usually my food comes out pretty dang good.


2. I am completely and totally in love with my dog, and I cry when I think about the fact that she’s almost two and Dobermans usually live to about 12, and that means that I only have about 10 years with her. Then I start thinking about all the illnesses out there, and already assume that she’s going to die tomorrow and it makes me an emotional wreck. I’m a baby, I know.


3. The grandfather I always refer to is not actually my biological grandfather. BUT he’s more of a grandfather then my biological one (Sorry mom). My dad’s father passed away before any of his grandkids were born, and my mom’s dad has always been very distant. Also, the fact that he is on the other side of the world, 12 timezones away, makes it hard to have a relationship. Bob on the other hand has always been there for me, and has taken the role of grandfather completely! I love him to the moon and back!

dad on his bike Bob the Cool!

4. I am deathly afraid of cancer. I know most people are too, but I get anxiety over it. I know several people who have had cancer and beat it (grandpa included) BUT it still scares the crap out of me.

5. I hate cleaning, but love a clean house. I don’t really think this is a secret, and I don’t really know anyone who loves cleaning. But I can’t function if my house is a mess.

6. I’ve never changed a diaper in my life. HA! Its true. I have a ton of baby cousins, and friends with babies, and I’ve babysit for quite a few of them, but never ever ever had to change a diaper. It kind of scares me to think that one day I’ll have kids and will have to change diapers and I’ve never changed one. Good thing I’ve got a neighbor who’s supermom!

7. I love heels and dresses and cute clothing. This one isn’t really a secret, but what is is the fact that I dress up and sometimes even put on heels just to sit at home and work. I work from home so my dresscode is really none-existent. BUT I feel better when I’m dressed to impress… even if it’s just Lilly that I’m impressing. … PS these past three months I spent in my yoga pants. I think it’s time to get dressed up again Winking smile.

8. Our house overwhelms me sometimes. We got this big house and it’s brand new, and has so much potential and so many things that need to be done. And while I’m excited to turn it into a home, I’m overwhelmed at what it costs, what to do and so on.


9. I miss driving my Camaro. After moving to Arizona we traded in our little cavalier (hub’s beater) and got an SUV (my mom car). This meant that my beautiful hot rod turned into the husbands work car. AND as much as I love my Lilly-mobile, I miss driving a stick shift sports car.


10. I don’t watch TV. This probably isn’t a secret for those who know me IRL, but for a lot of people it comes as a shocker. We don’t have cable and don’t miss it. There are a few shows that we’ll get on DVD or stream online once in a while, but honestly I’d rather read a book then watch TV.


There you have it! 10 Secrets. If you have any questions or would like me to answer some other questions, please send me a note or leave a comment. I’d be more than happy to.

Have a great Hump Day!!!

1 comment:

  1. 1) I love cooking too.
    2) You know I'm the same about Weiser.
    3) My dad was adopted and my mom's family passed before I was born, so most of my "family" isn't blood. Love them JUST the same!
    4) Cancer SUCKS.
    5) I try to keep my house clean, but it will NEVER be as clean as yours looks. Haha.
    6) I have 8 siblings. I changed diapers before I was old enough to know what I was doing.
    7) I honestly got rid of anything that wasn't "cute" and or dressy because I LOVE dressing cute. I always dress comfortably, though.
    8) You have a big house, so that we can come stay!
    9)I want to drive a manual muscle car SO bad now that I know how to drive stick.
    10) I think we could totally do without tv, as it is only background noise in our house. Good for you!!



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