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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Home made pizza and babies!

Last night we made homemade pizza… crust and all.

Home made pizza

It was pretty tasty. Mine had all kinds of things on it, like mushrooms and fresh mozzarella cheese. Hubby’s was a boring cheese and pepperoni.

Lilly in the kitchen Lilly

Lilly helped make the pizza by laying right in front of the ovens and guarding the food while it baked. Unfortunately, she did not get to have a slice as she get’s too many treats as is, and is starting to put on a bit of extra wait. Dog parent FAIL

After dinner, I met a little cutie.


He’s name is Ian and his has some bright blue eyes!

01 b ZA

He wants to be just like dad when he grows up.

05 b

And this may be my favorite picture by far from the whole shoot. The face says it all!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!!!!



  1. He is SO presh! I love the little onesie too. The only pizza crust I have made is the cauliflower one, because I am scared of making the real kind haha. I will have to try it when Will comes home!


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