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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In need of a vacation

The title to this blog is a fact. Nothing more.

I am very much in need of a vacation. Between work, school, photography, Lilly and this house, I just need a drink (maybe 10) and some sunshine.

These flowers are sitting on my kitchen table. They make me happy.

I’m not really sure where all my days are going? I get up at 6 AM … every single day, because Miss Lilly does not like sleeping in … at all. So I get up, have coffee and get my day going. Before I know it, it’s 8 PM and I feel like nothing got accomplished. Maybe it’s just the Arizona heat getting to me.

Yes, she is on the brand new couch. She’s a spoiled brat 

Speaking of Arizona heat, it’s been over a 100 for over 3 weeks now. It’s really gross. I hate hot weather, and I’m not really sure why I agreed to moving out to the desert… since by definition it means HOT!

I literally get depressed when it’s sunny and hot for an extended period of time. I want rainy, gloomy days. I miss rainy, gloomy days. I hate air conditioning too, I would rather it never be hot so I never have to use it. I freeze when the air conditioning turns on. AND since it’s hot all the time, the AC has been on, and I’ve been freezing.


F. you Arizona. Is it really necessary to be this dang hot?!

There really isn’t a point to this post. But I did want to bring this up, in case there are people out there who hadn’t heard about it and see the video.

I don’t even know how kids have gotten so mean and disrespectful. I know that when we were in middle school, we thought we were such grown ups and could do whatever we wanted to, BUT we knew full well that we need to respect our elder and something like this would have gotten me disowned.
This poor woman could be any of our grandmothers. And if someone made my grandmother cry, it would not end well for them. I sure hope that I can be the type of parent who raises my children to be respectful and caring, especially towards adults.
Well… That’s all I’ve got folks!
Hope you have a good Tuesday!!!


  1. Sounds like you definitely need a vaca! And I watched that video where she was being teased and I couldn't believe it.

  2. Cute pup - I love rainy days too! Although I am ready for Tropical Storm Debby to move on out of Florida at this point...

  3. What makes me so mad is that they did it TO GET ON YOUTUBE. Obviously, they got their wish, but karma sent death threats and misery right along with the notoriety. Little bastards. Karma's a B@tch!!


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