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Friday, June 15, 2012

Piggy Bank Budget Week 2





Price: 19.80

Price: 22.80


Price: 34.80

Price: 24.80



Original Price: 120.00 Current Price: 59.00

Original Price: 129 Current Price: 64.99

Original Price: 210 Current Price 104.99


Original Price: 9.99 current price 6.00


As you can see from the above, there are lots of things that I want, but I truly just need a new pair of beater flip flops as I’ve almost literally worn a hole in mine. $6 sounds like a good deal to me, and I may order a few of these to keep around. Granted, I wont be ordering anything until July.

The first four items are things that I would have bought just because they are cute, it’s hot here in AZ (so dresses and skirts are welcomed) and because as single items they don’t really have a heavy price tag. The blue shoes from Nine West are one’s I’ve been drooling over for month. Literally, I’ve been waiting for them to go on sale so I could get them. Same goes for the Vince Camutos. I’ve had my eye on these guys for months.

NOW… if I had purchased all these items, which before this challenge I totally would have. I would have spent a total of $331.18.

I wouldn’t have really put the numbers together and look at them, and realized that that’s a plain ticket back to Denver to visit my family plus a $100.00 of spending money. Or a trip for one to San Diego for 4 nights (flight and air – on Travelzoo today from Tucson).

Sooo this week I’m putting $330.00 into my virtual piggy bank towards a vacation that the hubs and I are desperately in need of.

The total so far $465.00 ($135+$330).

That’s a good chunk of change. Smile

What are you saving on this week?


  1. Wow, that's really good savings for a week! And you're still getting what you really need, so its a good compromise!

    1. I'm going to go ahead and wait on the flip flops so I can say that I didn't buy a single item of clothing this month. :-) But yes, it's nice to save, especially when I really don't need any of it.

  2. Just wanted to say that I LOVE that you are doing this topic and keeping us updated on your wants and needs and how your savings is going!

    1. Thanks Jess! I really need to get us on a budget to try and get things paid off. We (hubs and I) have expensive taste, we love nice things, we're super materialistic and love to go on vacations, but we've kind of dug ourselves into a hole and need to climb out of it. Having a savings account is a must, and currently ours looks a little sad.

  3. Nice!!! That is some serious savings! Good for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm trying my best.
      Sadly that savings just went to pay for an urgent care bill :-(

  4. You go girl! You make me so proud :) I NEED that last skirt...I'm in love.

    1. right?! I love those! And usually I would have bought them all. I cannot believe how much I've controlled myself lately. :-) Feels great, especially when I have a $300 urgent care bill that I need to pay. GROSS


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