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Monday, June 11, 2012

Something to be Thankful for

I’m one of these people that has lots of “first world problems.” Really! And the whole hashtag (#firstworldproblems) has really brought out how much I should really be thankful for.

Some of my current problems include; no living room furniture, because I’m too snobby to settle on one. Dirty floors because the backyard is full of dust, sand, dirt and the dog brings it all in. And so on.

While most of you will agree these are problems they are not the end of the world. While I don’t have a beautiful living room set (or any furniture in the living room for that matter) I have a beautiful house that will eventually get filled with the perfect couches, tables, chairs, and décor. My floors? Well they’ll get scrubbed with a gallon of bleach as soon as the hubs is done with the yard and Lilly is running on rocks and fake grass.

So here are some things that I am Thankful for on this beautiful Monday morning.

  • The internet: I don’t think anyone of our generation really appreciates the internet as much as we should. It allows me to work from home from a different state. It allows me to see my parent’s faces on a daily basis and speak to them in real-time. It allows me to go to school from the comfort of my tile floor (Smile) and keep in touch with all of my loved ones via Facebook, email and so on.

  • My job: I work… a LOT. Probably more than I should. BUT I love my job. I really really do. I’m thankful that I can sit at home and do what I love and get paid for it. Who else can say that?

  • Husband: We have our ups and downs, and all married couples do. I’m thankful that at the end of the day, the hubs cares and loves me. Even if we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor (which is actually NOT that bad), I know that I’ll wake up every morning to a snuggle and a kiss.

donald and zara

  • Lilly bug: This morning, I was not thankful for her at all. Especially her insistent whining and licking of my face witch cow hoove breath. Only dog owners who give their dogs cow hooves will actually understand how gross they smell after chewing on one of those things. I’m thankful for her health, for her constant want to play and then crash not 5 minutes into playing. OH and her love for running and sliding on the tile floor. She may not be too happy when there is furniture in the house.

Lilly in the kitchen

  • Our awesome neighbors: Seriously, best part of moving to Arizona and to this small town. Our neighbors are beyond awesome and we couldn’t have asked for better. Who else will volunteer to help clean our house and then put together a plan on how to do it?! OH or feed us yummy food? And help move a really heavy couch? And the list goes on. BEST NEIGHBORS EVER! PS: C if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU!


  • My Parents and their health: My parents aren’t really just my parents. Their my best friends. I can talk to my mom about anything, literally, anything. My dad’s pretty much the same way. In fact, I think I’ve talked to my dad about things that no one would really talk to their dad about. AnyWHO. I miss them BUT I’m thankful that their only a short flight away. I can hop on a plan and be in Denver in under 2 hours.


AND I just realized that my list can go on for a very very long time. So here are some in short order with no explanations: my grandfather and his health, my brother and the fact that he’ll be here in less then 26 hours, my computer and camera, the house and cars, and in general the life we have.

So what are you thankful for this Monday?


  1. I am so thankful to have a wonderful, true, friend like you, for my wonderful husband, and my beautiful healthy children. Aww, you’re so sweet!!! We think you and Mr. D are pretty fantastic neighbors too!! I LOVE YOU too!!!! XXXOOO

  2. Yes. Denver is ONLY 2 hours away ;) I'm glad you are doing so good. I want to work from home! I have to go back tomorrow, and I am NOT happy about it.


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