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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

While I complain about the heat in AZ

my beautiful Colorado is burning up.

CO Fire 1CO Fire 2CO Fire 3CO Fire 4

Literally, Colorado is burning. Sad smile

The above are photos taken/posted by Facebook friends and family.

I cannot believe what is going on. In the 14+ years that I lived in Colorado we never had wildfires that were this big and spanned so far.

So far over 32,000 people have been evacuated. Tens of thousands are on pre-evac orders. Over 200,000 acres of land has burnt. Hundreds of homes have been lost.

My parents are in Aurora, Colorado, the suburbs of Denver. They are literally surrounded by fire right now, but it’s still a bit away from them.

Fort Collins, Boulder and Colorado Springs are home to many of my friends. Fires have never been so close to home before. I grew up hiking, camping and hanging out in these beautiful mountains and cities.

I wish there was something I could do for them. Instead, I sit around and complain that it’s really hot here. And that I hate the AC because it’s cooling me down. I’m pretty pathetic.

My thoughts and prayers are with my friend and family in Colorado. My beautiful friend Janna has the fire knocking on her back door. Nina’s husband Brent, a Denver firefighter, is heading south to help fight the fires. Several friends are packing up their lives and don’t know if they’ll see their homes again. Please keep them all in your thoughts until this is taken care of, and do the RAIN DANCE if you can. 


  1. I love you for posting this! When I told Will what was going on, he was like "Oh, maybe you can understand how it is over here now." We are fighting a war against mother nature, and she doesn't give in easily. I love you!

  2. Everyone is in my prayers. I have friends in Colorado close to losing their homes and an older brother in Fort Collins experiencing dangerously close fires as well. My beloved Montana is now on fire too. It all makes me so sad.

  3. This is devestating. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

    xo Shane

  4. This is so terrible! :(( I have been to Colorado last year and loved it so much. I will do a rain dance!


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