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Friday, June 8, 2012

OHHH it’s Friday

Hi Friends! And Hello Friday!
Granted this Friday means very little as I’m on call this weekend. BAH. I am not a fan of on call weekends. ESPECIALLY, when I get paid nothing extra. Being salaried sucks!
So today, I’ll be talking about what I’ll be saving on and where that money is going to go.
This week, we’ve only spent money on groceries and some presentation folders for my photography clients. The groceries are a necessity, since we do have to eat. And the folders are a business expense that is tax deductible. Other than that, we have spent no other money! YAY! For living in the middle of nowhere!
I have decided that my piggy bank savings will be going into our vacation fund. The hub’s and I are in MAJOR need of a vacation. We have a rule that we need to take time off every 6 months and go on a week long vacation, we also try to squeeze in a few short trips between big trips. BUT between the move, getting things together, traveling for work, school and so many other things we haven’t been able to go on a vacation since November of 2010!!!! That is entirely too long to go without a beach vacation.
Now, some of you might think I’m a snob, but we need our vacations. It’s our way of re-energizing. I refer to the week long beach vacations as my “C drive formatting” trips. I lay on the beach, have some drinks, read a mindless book and not give a crap about a thing in the world. When we come back from these vacations, I always have a fresh and positive outlook on life.
SO vacation = very much needed.
While I didn’t necessarily have anything this week that I restrained myself from buying, I did make some extra money with my photography. I did three paid mini sessions at $45.00 a piece. Now the money goes towards prints as well as my time shooting and editing… BUT it is money that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. So my virtual piggy bank gets ($135.00). That’s a one way ticket to Mexico! Now only to get the return trip!
NOW, tell us what you are saving on and what it’s going towards!


  1. Congratulations on keeping spending light this week! I agree, the food part is pretty important. Best of luck on your vacation! You both deserve it.
    As for my travel plans, I have nothing apart from a wedding in September. It's in Michigan and I'll have some friends attending it as well so to me it's a vacation. After that I need to start saving for Seattle. I hope to move there or somewhere nearby next summer after I graduate. Fingers crossed!

  2. You are doing great love! I definitely think a vacation fund is a GREAT thing. What's the point of life if you aren't living it??


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