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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A bloggers take on the American Dream

Today’s guest blogger is Megan from Mackey Madness. A few weeks ago she wrote a post on what the American Dream means to hear, and I really thought that we all needed to her her thoughts. So here she is.
Hi there beautiful friends! My name is Megan and I blog over at Mackey Madness!
I am SO honored to be guest posting for Zara today! Today I'm talking about my version of the "American dream."
So I'll admit it: I am completely and totally addicted to blogging, tweeting, and pinning. And I have made SO many wonderful friends through it. Here's the teeny little problem with that: we typically portray the happy, pretty sides of life to others. We blog about perfect weekends, killer style, and sweet surprises from our husbands. We tweet about all our accomplishments and the fabulous dinners that we cooked. We pin these stunning pictures from million dollar mansions and hope that someday we will be able to have those things in our homes.
And that is all moderation. It's okay to dream. It's healthy to dream. As cheesy as it sounds, the world truly is ours to flourish and thrive in. It can be really easy to get caught up in materialistic things, though. I have definitely been there.
When I graduated from nursing school, I was single and felt like I was bringing home big bucks. I volunteered to work overtime and even holidays...anything to make that paycheck head upwards.
When I met my husband, my priorities drastically shifted. I wanted to be able to spend more time with him, to introduce him to all of my friends, to see the city (and country) with him. I lived for the moments when we were off together and had nothing to do except dream up plans for the day.
Sometimes I feel like our society has it just a little bit off. We work ALL the time in order to buy a big house, fancy cars, and designer clothes. It's all about "keeping up with the Joneses." We strive to provide for our family in all these ways, yet sometimes miss out on memories and moments. We forego a picnic in the park to work an extra shift. We skip cuddle time because we need to check our email/facebook/twitter/whatever. Obviously money is a necessity to survive in this world, but I'm working on finding my perfect balance between work and play. 
Don't get me wrong...I'm proud of what my husband and I have earned in life. We work hard. But guess what? We can't take any of that with us when we die.
So just live life...happily, abundantly, freely, slowly, simply.
Suck the marrow out of this thing called life. And enjoy every moment.
Thanks for having me, Zara!

THANK YOU Megan for posting here today! You all need to head over to her page and show her some love. This girl knows a thing or two about being married, happy and living the dream… obviously. Smile


  1. It's people that make me happy, spending time with loved ones, friends & of course Missy xoxo

  2. awww loved all her pics of her and her hubs. So sweet and fun. So true about spending time with the ones you love! Completely agree.

    Hi Zara!

  3. Such a wonderful guest post! :)

    I feel for our husbands because (on the whole) they feel pressured (through no fault of ours) to provide for their wife and family - to work, work, work so that we can have nice things and live in a nice house and be comfortable if anything ever happened to them.

    Megan's totally right - you can't take it with you. We have so many distractions nowadays...sometimes I wish I could go live in the 1950s for awhile. :)

  4. such an awesome post :) So much truth in this post <3 Thank you girliee

  5. such an awesome post :) So much truth in this post <3 Thank you girliee

  6. I LOVE this take on the American Dream! I'm from Germany, so we obviously all take English as a second language classes in school. The American Dream is a big topic there, the history and all, going from rags to riches, so I really loved this different take! Especially since I completely agree, you don't need a ton of things, you need memories!

  7. This is a great post! My husband and I feel the same way - money is not the most important thing in life! It does make life easier when you have it, but we treasure time that we can spend together more than the amount in our bank account.

  8. love this megan! thanks so much for the reminder :) you can never hear it too much!

  9. Thanks again for having me, Zara! You are THE best!!


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