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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I’m loving Wednesday

This has become one of my favorite posts of the week… so once again I’m linking up with Jaime from this kind of love to share what I’ve been loving these past week.

I am loving these beautiful shoes. The chunky heels have me sold. I love a heel that is sexy and comfy, and the thick heels do just that. How beautiful are these shoes?!


Levity Nicolo Pump


Mojo Moxy Sophia Pump


Aldo Lewi

I’m loving these quotes… each one of them speaks in ways that cannot be explained.

Photography Quotes

Photography Quotes
Photography Quotes

I’m loving that things are changing. That things will always change. I’m not loving that it’s so hard to adjust that we will be all alone in a new place. I’m loving that we will be buying our first house, but hating how stressed I am about the whole thing. I’m not loving that I want everything, yet cannot have everything. And above all I am not loving that by accepting this promotion, Husband and I will not be able to live in Europe like we wanted to… we might never be able to do this due to the nature of his work. It breaks my heart, but I wouldn’t trade his happiness and success in his field with anything… yes even going back home for a few years.

I’m loving this little girl:

Kodi fork

She’s everything I’d ever want in a daughter and more.

And as always, I’m loving my handsome Texan, who does nothing but work hard to keep me happy and cater to my stupid whines and needs.


I love you baby! I know I can be a pain in the tush, but at least I know how to cook.



  1. Such a sweet post! So true about change being accompanied by discomforts, but it is always so exciting!

  2. yay for you being able to embrace change so well. i admire that so much about you. i think you have big big things in your future...and i know that there are going to be some amazing adventures for you and the hubby. what a great lil post. very real and honest :)

  3. Love all those pumps you picked out Zara xoxo


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