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Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Cooking


Hi all! Meet Carol from Everyday Delights, she is fantastic and you all need to go make friends with her.

Hi everyone!  I'm Carol from Everyday Delights, a loyal reader of Zara's blog! I live in Seattle and love to cook!  I especially love cooking in the summer because of all the fresh produce our local farmers markets have to offer.  All the dishes are so much lighter, but just as delicious as heavy winter recipes.   Here are some of my staples for summer cooking! Fresh Corn Salad

I have to credit my best friend Bynn for having this one.  We recently had a friend's dinner where she made this fantastic salad.  And its so easy to make!  There is an abundance of fresh corn at the Farmer's Markets now and this is going to be a staple on our dinner table for the next few months!  She also threw in some halved cherry tomatoes which was great!

Greek Panzanella salad I am half Italian (my grandfather immigrated from Italy through Ellis Island) so carbs are a staple in my cooking (its in my genes!).  I actually don't eat a lot of meat, but bring on the carbs!  This dish is a great way to use that leftover bread (no one likes throwing away food!) and also get healthy veggies in your diet!

As I said above, I don't eat a lot of meat (I'm not a vegetarian, just not a huge fan of meat) but salmon is a different story!  I love it!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are lucky to have great fresh salmon and we sure eat a lot of it!  Here in Seattle, one of our well known chefs is Tom Douglas.  He has a string of fabulous restaurants, has been on the Food Network and Top Chef and is a great addition to our restaurant scene!
He also makes these fantastic rubs called "Rub With Love" and his salmon one is my favorite!  I use it almost every time I cook salmon and never get sick of it!
I hope you've enjoyed reading about my favorite recipes and if you try them I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Thank you again to the lovely Zara for letting me guest blog as well!

Thank you Carol for being here today, and sharing these with us. I know I’m going to be trying all of the above!

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOO this looks amazingly delicious <3 Thanks for sharing YAY!!!

    Zara you have the best guest bloggers jejeje <3


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