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Monday, August 1, 2011

Wine out of a bottle


I’ve been missing this past week, and I’m sorry. I missed the blog world and all you wonderful folks out there. As some of you know, I started a new job this past week… it kept me pretty busy, but I’m loving being there.

So this weekend, I tried to catch up on life around the house, and seeing my hubby. I ended up accomplishing almost nothing.

I want to share what we had for dinner tonight, because this was the first dinner in the last five years that I took my time cooking and not having to worry about getting it over with so I can do homework or get to bed in order to wake up for class.

Burger, grilled asperigus, and mussles

This was dinner!

Fresh made burgers from scratch. And I mean from scratch, I literally ground the beef myself. Grilled asparagus marinated in balsamic vinegar. AND mussels with homemade sauce.


I did all of it. I also might or might not have drank wine straight from the bottle as I cooked.

wine gone

Classy! I know.

Burger and grilled asperigus

The asparagus turned out fantastic. The burger was even better, granted I ended up not eating the bun, since I couldn’t bite into the whole thing. My mouth = not big enough.


The mussels = fantastic. I never made them before, and the recipe I used was super easy to follow and made them taste ahhh-mazing. To top it off, you use the ingredients that you boil the mussels in to make the sauce that goes with it.

Mussle sauce    

Buttery, garlicy deliciousness with tomato and claim juice cocktail.

And don’t forget white wine in there. Drinking out of the bottle is also necessary to make this sauce perfect.


Sometime this week I’ll show you exactly how to make these!

For now, I’m heading to bed so that I can get up and go to the gym at 6 am before I have to go to work.



  1. mmmmm looks delish!
    glad you had a relaxing evening!

  2. There's nothing like a homemade burger (although I don't eat beef i love a turkey burger) xoxo

  3. This meal looks fantastic! I am making dinner tonight to have leftovers for the week and I'm trying to decide what to make. Maybe I should make my turkey burgers again. They are so easy and yum!!

  4. OMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS SOOOOOO DELICIOUS :) Im soo hungry now LOL


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