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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Just wanted to share this. It’s been an interesting, busy and somewhat annoying day. Husband and I are at each other’s throats about decisions. We’re both frustrated, tired, and cannot agree on what needs to take place first. Sometimes. We just need a vacation from making decisions. I think this Sunday, we might just get a gallon of ice cream, and park our butts on the couch… yeah that sounds about right.


  1. haha Will and I have those very same issues sometimes! A break is VERY necessary, so that you guys can re-evaluate the situation and take both sides into consideration. Usually, once we have done that we realize that if we fuse our ideas together, we have come up with the best plan ever! I swear-when we put our minds together, we can rule the world!

  2. Love it! I think I saw that somewhere before and forgot. I think we'd is one of my favorite days. Weird, eh? You should try haagen daas apple pie ice cream... It is ahhh-mazing!

  3. Hilarious saying!! Good luck with the decision making xoxo


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