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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Right Shadow For Your Eyes


Today’s guest blogger is one of my first bloggy friends. Lindsey is an incredibly sweet Texas girl who I cannot wait to meet and hang out with once we make our big move. She blogs over at The Bargain Blonde and has some of the best finds in the world. Not only that but the girl is incredibly pretty and funny! If you haven’t heard of her yet, you are missing out, and as proof of what you are missing out on, here is Linds:

Hello Zara fans!  I jumped at the chance to guest blog for our little miss Zara when she asked if I was interested.  I mean, DUH!  She's only one of the sweetest girls I know.  Of course I was interested. I'm Lindsey by the way and I have a little bloggity blog by the name of The Bargain Blonde.  I blog about ballin' on a budget whether it be fashion, beauty, organization, decor, etc.  Today I'm talking about how to enhance your eye color using the right shade of eye shadow.  Then I'll provide y'all with some affordable shadow options from my favorite make-up line, e.l.f.  If any of you read my blog, you know my extreme (& almost unhealthy) obsession with e.l.f.  And if you don't, then go here, here, here and here to see just what I'm talking about.

So let's get to it, shall we?  I found this chart, which I think says it best:


I have blue eyes and I used to only wear greys and charcoal eye shadows.  I can attest that when I switched to brown, I noticed a HUGE difference.  My eyes definitely pop more with browns. Like woah.  It's crazy what a difference the right shadow can make.  Moi wearing a brown smokey eye:
First seen here.
Now, let's get to the fun part.  Here are some affordable shadows for your eye color.  I own this $3 e.l.f. shadow in coffee bean and I wear it almost every day.  I love it! For your baby blues:
Saddle - BUY
For your beautiful browns:
Mystic Moss - BUY
For your gorgeous greens:
Amethyst - BUY
For your glittering greys:
Wild Wheat - BUY

I'm curious.  Do you follow the color chart?  Or are you a rebel and wear whatever shade you want?  I personally tend to mostly wear browns myself, but definitely will rock a dark smoky eye for nights out on the town.

Thanks for having me Zara, let's do it again soon!  Have a great Thursday y'all.

See what I mean?! The girl is awesome! So head over to The Bargain Blonde and get some more amazing deals and a ton of laughs.

Linds, thanks so much for blogging over here. You are the bestest! <3 


  1. hahah Zara! You are toooooo sweet! Thanks again for having me!! I can't wait till we finally meeeeeet!

  2. Love this! I have green eyes and tend to wear peaches & golds.

    And I blame my new elf addiction on Lindsey!

  3. What color grid should I use if I have Hazel eyes? I usually wear browns... I need help!

  4. Fun! Loved this post! I'm already a follower of Lindsey's blog.

    I have dark brown eyes and I wear whatever I want (except for maybe too crazy 80s blue...)

    My mom used to only let/make me wear brown eye stuff and I hated it. I only wear brown now if I'm going for a more natural look.

    My favorite is dark purple liner and a dark purple smoky eye. I think it really makes brown eyes pop!

  5. I use an army green eyeliner with my hazel eyes and it makes them pop! I also have a black eyeliner that looks almost blue when I put it on and always get compliments on my eyes:)

  6. My eyes are blue/grey/green so I play with a lot of colors. I do base shadow colors off an outfit too to add an extra pop to my eyes.

  7. I've always wanted to wear the purple color for my green eyes, but it just seems too crazy for me!! Maybe I will try it now!


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