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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hey! It’s okay to…


Neely over at A Complete Waste of Make Up  and Amber over at Brunch with Amber are hosting a link up titled IT’S OK. So you know that I had to join in because I do think that it’s okay to have an extra cupcake and spend the day in your PJs.

Its Ok Thursdays
Here is my list on this Sunny Thursday morning…
It’s OKAY…
…to have ice cream for breakfast once in a while
… to dream of the vacations that we will take, and even planned them out
… to dream of the truck that I will probably never get
… that I wish Fall would hurry up and get here
… to make less but love your job
… to not know what you want to do with the rest of your life at the age of 22
… to worry about debt, and not want any
… to say no to a pair of shoes even if they are staring you down
… that my legs are pasty white because I spent the summer in jeans, sitting at home or working
and above all
it’s okay to choose sleep over the gym once in a while!
What are you OKAY with today?! Head over to Neely’s or Amber’s and let us know!


  1. Great list my favs are the job and sleep over the gym!

  2. jejeje what an AWESOME list :) This looks like fun :) and i definitely agree with all of these... especially the gym <3

  3. great list and i must say i love the title of your blog :) my kinda girl! i def agree with almost everything you put on here! can't wait to read more! xo

  4. It's definitely okay to eat ice cream for breakfast and have an extra cupcake :) Thanks for linking up!

  5. This was so fun to read! I was ok with sleeping past 10am since the rest of the week I had to wake up at 5:30.

  6. ice cream for breakfast is a must.

    you want a truck? I had to drive my hubs HUGE ASS truck today and I HATED it.

    22 years old? You shouldn't know what you want to do yet!

    debt=no bueno.

    I unfortch choose sleep over the gym all the time. AND I have the workout equipment in my house, so I have no excuse.


  7. Brilliant Zara!
    It's ok not to achieve everything I set out to do yesterday!

  8. I totally agree with you :) especially about choosing sleep over gym every now and again - sometimes your body needs some R&R and it's OK to give in to it :)

    I'm a lover of summer though so I can't wait for our winter to end :)


  9. Haha I may have eaten a cupcake for breakfast this week! And I'm so glad you love your job!

  10. Ice Cream for breakfast is the best! You can't have a bad day after eating ice cream that early :)

  11. I love your little list! Especially the part about worrying about debt, I feel the same way! The only things I think one should go in debt for are a car and a home. And food, if the only other option is starving.
    I have an IT's OK to add: Being glad about cancelled plans every once in a while because then you can have some me time.

  12. It's also okay to have cookies for breakfast one day and then cake the next. :) Why else do we run!

  13. I worry about debt all the time! Thanks for linking up!


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