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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lesson Learned

I have a bit of a funny story to tell y’all. Today, I had a hair appointment at 10 am, at the same time Husband decided that he wanted to walk over to our local farmers market with his mother and brother. As we were all leaving the house, I told him to grab a spare house key… however he said that he’d use the garage key pad to get in.

Well… around 11:30 I get a call, Husband can’t get the garage door to open, and has no key to get into the house. While most loving wives would rush home to save their hubs from sitting out in the 100 degree heat, I decided that I would take my time and get my hair done… While this seems mean, and my mother almost read me a lecture on how uncaring I was… I thought it was very fitting since I had suggested he take a key with him.

Fortunately, my father-in-law is fantastic and came to their rescue while I took my sweet time getting my hair done, and picking up a birthday cake from Costco. They ended up having lunch in the in the comfort of air conditioning and met me back at the house around 1:30.

I personally thought it was a lesson to be learned and would have/will do it again if need be. I bet next time there will be more than one spare key taken.

On the brighter side, I’ve become a Photoshop nerd and wanted to leave you with a before and after:

IMG_8279   Budlight bottle copy


  1. Random question, did you purchase Photoshop? Or is there some program you used for free to do it? If you did purcahse the program, would you mind messaging me approximately how much it was (if you know)? Gracias!

  2. i love photoshop...i just dont know how to really use it :)

  3. Ooh that's some great photoshopping! Mayyybe next time you should rescue your hubby instead - although a good hair day is priceless! ;)

    sorelle in style

  4. Came across your blog today, very cute :) We are probably moving in the next year as well. I'm sure not as soon as you (i haven't read much yet) but still an exciting and scary adventure! Good luck!

  5. I dont have a house key, terrible right. M has it so when we're not together I have to take the garage door opener.

    The photoshop photo is amazing!


  6. Great job editing! I wish I had photoshop to learn how to do all that stuff! I want to see more of your pics!

  7. your blog is too cute! aren't husbands the best? haha they never learn.
    Do Dallas Cheap


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