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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Missing in Action?!

Hi all!!!

I got a very sweet email today from Meghan today, asking me if I was still alive. So I wanted to let you all know that everything is great and I am still alive, just settling into this new job of mine, and trying to finish a few projects before summer is over and school starts back up.

I have lots of news and updates and exciting things coming your way. I just need this weekend to regroup and get my thoughts in order. But for now, I have a few amazing bloggers who will be guest posting for the next few days.

My life and this blog should resume their regular programing starting next Monday.

OHH, and THANK YOU MEG for thinking of me! Its bloggers like you that make the whole experience so worth it! Love you!



  1. Glad you're alive!! Chat soon! hope you are having a good week. Happy Hump Day

  2. :) Glad you're good! And glad you loved your spin class!

  3. Good morning! So I passed out in bed last night shortly after that tweet. I am working on the post right now and will send to you shortly. LUV YA!!! So excited to guest blog for you!


  4. Can't wait to read about all the latest and greatest going on in your life girlfriend :)

  5. YAY! its good to know your doing good :) Ive been pretty out of it lately too, its soo hard to balance everything sometimes LOL Cant wait to read more and maybe see some of your aweesome photography <3


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