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Friday, July 1, 2011

Confessions on a Friday Morning


It’s Friday again and time for the confessions for the week. I’m linking up with Mamarazzi!


I confess that I am still in bed, as I type this up. I got up this morning, took a shower, stuck a load of laundry in the wash and got right back into bed to write. Sometime I just want to stay in bed forever.

I confess that I am too excited about throwing my MIL birthday party this Saturday. I really want to make it super special, and fancy. I honestly would love to be an event planner, and for a while thought about it as a career.

On that note, I confess that I tend to get all kinds of ideas, then decided that I’d rather stay in bed and not do anything. Hence, why I’m still dreaming of a career as a makeup artist, an event planner and so many other. I confess that I need to start taking control of things in my life.

I confess that I really need to find a full time job, for at least a year, so that we can be financially ready to move, but HATE writing my resume. I write resumes for others all the time, I literally write for a living right now, and yet cannot write my own dang resume. How pathetic.

I confess that my sinus infection is driving me nuts, and I hate that my first month of summer has been spent feeling miserable.

I also confess that I haven’t spent a single day at the pool yet, because my community HOA is retarded. They are only available on Thursdays from 9 am to 3 pm to take photos and issue out pool passes. Well both the Mister and I are working on Thursdays during that time so I’m not too sure how we’re suppose to get our passes. OH and when I email them to figure it out, they never answer me back. THOSE JERKS!!!

I confess that I really need to get out of bed and get my butt moving, but I’d rather sit here and write more confessions, simply because I’m lazy.

I also confess that I have a mile long to do list that is being neglected at all costs.

With that, I think I am going to get my butt out of bed, and ready to get things done.

First stop is Shane Co to pick up my resized ring, then the mall for a gift, the groceries, the bank and the post office. <3

Have an amazing Friday and a Happy 4th of July weekend!


  1. That pool looks fantastic! Have a great long weekend! ((i will respond to your email! promise))

  2. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Hope you'll feel better soon!

    I also love to plan events. Hope yours goes well!

  3. Aweee i do hope you feel better soon :) jejeje i also like blogging when im still in bed LOL

    I love that to do list its soo cute... im not sure this day is going to be long enough to finish mine >_< grr jeje Good luck girliee

  4. Yeah, I do that all the time. I think, I'd like to do this and this and this, etc. And then I sit and blog and watch tv and end up just thinking...I'll do it tomorrow.

    And I have the same thing with my pool. I have a clicker, but it used to not work. And then I called and they said they would take care of it, but I don't know if they did. and I don't want to look like a D.A. who can't get into the pool while everyone is inside the fence watching.

  5. I haven't been to the pool really yet, but that's because I'm in condition for a swim suit. And if I had no job, I would literally sleep and watch TV all day. I don't know how you even managed to shower. You are way more motivated than I'll ever be! haha

    Have a Happy 4th Zara!! Talk to you next week!

  6. Somedays I wish I could stay in bed forever! Nothing wrong with being lazy! :)

  7. Funny post - love your confessions!
    Wish I could stay in bed (try getting a German Shepherd to get you out of bed in the mornings!!!)

  8. Im new to your blog and wanted to say HI!

    I get the whole "writing a resume" thing... at my old job, I would always say I need to update my resume and never did it until I HAD to look for a new job... yuck!

    I hope you feel better and that you were able to enjoy the weekend!

  9. I like so much your blog!I follow you! please follow me back , I'll be happy!

  10. Love that your a list maker! I need to do this more often!

    XO Lindsay


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