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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Instant Gratification Problem


I have several huge problems but the current one is instant gratification, I have no patients for waiting around, when I want something I MUST have it then and there.

I realize that the problem is childish, and that as a grown adult I need to realize and accept that I cannot have everything at once, but need to wait, budget and earn the things I want. However, I am very much like a little child and tend to throw fits, even if it is just in my own presence with no one watching. I’ve even cried about certain things when I realized that I couldn’t have them right then and there.

You are probably thinking, what an idiot, of course you have to wait, budget and earn the things you want in life… and I agree… but I need to point out that this is my problem.

For example, I want to re-decorating our room, and what started out as a painting project has now turned into a whole overhaul. I just got the IKEA catalogue and now want to get not just a new mattress but also a new bed, and a dresser and some night stands that match. I also want to redo the whole closet and maybe/hopefully create some more room. HOWEVER, all of this is going to cost a ton of money… and money is what we don’t have right now. I got a job so that we could pay off our debt not add more to it. BUT my little “NOW” monster is kicking in and wanting everything now.

Another example is our newest car. We were in the market for a new car simply because we needed another daily driver that wasn’t our project car. So we went to look for a truck, because I wanted one. Not because we needed one, I simply wanted a big truck. No rhyme or reason to it. Then, we got our senses together and decided that we should look at smaller coups since they would be more affordable and practical, with gas prices and such… OH and more in our budget. BUT then we ended up walking off the lot with a top of the line Camaro…fail! Oh and I’d like to add, just because you can afford something doesn’t mean you should get it… why is it that I cannot take my own advice?

While I love our car, and have loved our vacations, and love all the clothes and dresses and crap we have, I realize that we also have a huge problem. The debt we have is not just from these things. I have school loans and such, but a good portion of it is our car. And reckless spending. So another issue comes into play. I want the debt gone. RIGHT NOW. I wish I had the money to pay it off. This is another one of my “NOW” moments.

I guess the point to this pointless post is, how do you handle these urges to have the things you want then and there? How do you deal with the “NOW” monster?


  1. LOVE this post! I am EXACTLY the same way, and it's a huge problem. I hate waiting. lol

  2. I wish I knew because I am terrible at this too. Luckily my husband is the exact opposite, and generally keeps me researching stuff until I get so bored I forget I ever wanted it. I love my car, but it was such a huge mistake buying it. I'm still paying it off well after it's past it's prime. Boo.

  3. girlfran...i am the same exact way. i am such an impulse buyer. it is a major problem. if you find a cure will you please pass it over my way :)

  4. I'm definitely a spender, not a saver! I am a gimme kind of person, too. It's tough!

  5. Haha I think we are the same person! I have this exact problem!-and that's why my house looks like it should be on Hoarders!


    Erin @

  6. OMG! I'm the same exact way, I just have to catch myself and realize every thing good is worth waiting for!! Patience is such a virtue, but I'm getting better at it.

  7. Oooh! I could never sleep at night if I had any debt, but that's just the way I am xoxo

  8. Personally, we are going through the same thing. I want the debt gone NOW but I also want a new Macbook Pro.. so- I feel bad. I'm not going to get the new computer, but it doesn't stop from throwing little fits and being ticked off every time we go into the Apple store because I can't leave with one. I think it's part of being an adult and growing up to be able to push these urges to the back. Do you listen to Dave Ramsey? I love his radio show.

  9. Seriously, I'm awful. I haven't gotten myself into any trouble debt-wise, but when I want something I fixate on it until I get it! Which sometimes leads to impulsive overspending instead of researching to get the best price...

  10. OH man i wish I had this problem! I always feel so guilty when I spend money on myself for things I want but don't need. But I can spend money on Frank no problem. Probably why I never splurge on myself.


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