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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Confessional


I’m linking up with Mamarazzi!


Forgive me blog world, for I have sinned.

I confess that this week flew by and I put off doing several things that were planned for this week. OOPS. I am being a slacker and just not wanting to actually get things done.

I confess that I cannot believe that summer is almost over. Really? Is it really almost August? Really?! Where did my summer go? I’m still as pasty white as I was during the winter.

I confess that I am dreading winter and the snow, because our car is awful in it. I am also dreading bringing out the VR4 and putting more miles on it. Maybe, I’ll just stay cooped up for the winter and work from home?! I could see myself staying home the entire winter and never setting a toe out, but then who would go snowboarding.

I confess that I am getting really anxious about moving, and a house and such things. As I stated in this post, I am having major issues with the “NOW” monster, and need my wants satisfied right away. Learning how to wait is not happening for me, and it is hard.

I confess, that I am contemplating rewarding myself with a shopping trip to New York if I am able to go a whole year without spending extra money on clothing I do not need but simply want. The rough idea is that I only wear the things I have and make do with what I have, unless I rip my jeans and need a pair of jeans or a new pair of running shoes or what not. And then once a year… or maybe once every six months or so, I take a mini vacation with my girls to go shopping. Thoughts?!

I also confess that the above idea scares me half to death. The thought of not shopping for an extended period of time is almost as scary as the thought of never becoming a mother. UGHH!

I confess, that I missed my husband more than anything else in the world this past week and wish he was here with me right now. He gets back tomorrow evening! Time for flight anxiety to kick in again.

I confess, that instead of thinking about how we will use the new income to pay off debt, I’ve been contemplating all kinds of trips, new laptops, car tires and such that we can spend the money on. This is bad, since debt needs to go away. I need to get down to making lists before we blow all the money on another vacation… I’m not even going to be making that much!

Finally, I confess that not only have I not been to the gym in weeks, but I also took a nap in my car instead of going to class this morning …. OOOPS… And then went to an interview just because, and then spent the evening talking about the upside of fake boobs, trips to Florida and New York, and farting in front of your significant other with my two favorite girls. OHH and I confess that no matter where we are in the world these girls will always be there.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Friday!

I know I will be once I pick up my sweetheart from the airport.


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  1. I love your Friday Confessionals!! The subject matter with yur girlfriends is just the sort of things we talk about too. Have a fab weekend xoxo


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