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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lazy Sundays are the best!


We woke up at 4 AM this morning.


The view on the way to the airport. We at least got to watch the sunrise together.

I hate waking up early. Even though I try and be a morning person. Husband had an early flight out to Boston… and again I couldn’t tag along. This made me even sadder that I had to wake up and drop him off. We contemplating just buying a ticket and me flying out with him, but then decided that going to my last week of class and starting a new job might be a little bit more important then spending a week in Hull, on the beach. Now that I’m more awake and thinking about it, it was really a fail decision for me to stay.

Image of Nantasket Beach Resort, Hull

This is where husband is staying for the next five days. Natasket Beach Resort… some work trip huh?!

Image of Nantasket Beach Resort, Hull Nantasket Beach Resort: Wow we saw an amazing sunset over the bay

So while I am stuck in Denver, with crazy high temperatures and torrential downpours I will be marking some things off of my to-do list.

Here is my little to do list to keep me away from hopping on a jet plane and flying out to Boston.

To do list 1

Yeah… that seems about right. I’m sure there are a few things like paying bills, cleaning out my computer, looking for a new laptop, maybe some window-shopping for shoes and new jeweler that I left out… but oh well.

And here is what you can expect on the blog this week:

  1. A recap of our first girls night … that has been decided to become a Thursday night routine.
  2. A little DIY project that will be gifted to a friend.
  3. Some exploration of redecoration
  4. First outfit post. Smile
  5. A guest post
  6. And of course some randomness.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday.


Ps… What do you all think of the redesign? Any suggestions would be appreciated

PPS… go like the Facebook page because there is going to be another giveaway once I get to a 100 on there! AND it will totally make my day! Please and thank you! 


  1. First - the redesign is lovely!

    Boo that you couldn't go with your husband on his trip! ...but the things on your To-Do list sound fun to me - maybe 'cause I'm a dork? :)

  2. It is a bummer that you couldn't go with him!

    Love that picture of you!

  3. Bummer your husbands gone! Specially to such a nice place and you didn't get to go! Maybe next time. I LOVE your blog! I found you from A suitcase and Stilettos and I am so glad to have met you! Definitely can't wait to read along and see some outfit posts! I try to do a few every now and then, they are fun!

  4. I love the new design :) good luck for the outfit post - can't wait to read it!

    Your week sounds very busy so I'm sure it'll fly by and hubby with be back before you know it!



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