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Monday, July 18, 2011

Let’s talk skirts


I love skirts. The fact that they are easy to put on, all you have to do is lift them up to pee, and the fact that husbands hands always find my thigh, makes life a lot easier and happier.

As I dump clothing out of my closet to organize, refresh and so on, I realize that I don’t have as many skirts as I use to, and the ones I do have seem to be a little funny on my larger then usual thighs and hips. So I am now on a mission to find skirts. Specifically, knee length, flowy, feminine and at the same time sexy skirts.


I literally created this outfit around the amazing yellow skirt! Beautiful isn’t she?! And of course the rest of the items that go in this outfit. I think if I could located all of these within the boarders of Colorado I would spend the obnoxious amount just to own it.

BUT I had a brighter idea. I use to sew skirts for myself. So guess what I’m going to do?! … Yes you are correct, I am going to try and recreate this skirt. I think I will head to JoAnns tomorrow to find some yellow fabric, a zipper and some thread. And maybe, just maybe… by the end of the week I will have this beauty hanging in my closet.


These are some of the others that I am loving!


How do you feel about skirts? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Would you attempt to make them or have you? If so what are your tips?



  1. I love skirts in summer with heels :) love the red one!


  2. LOVE the loubies! but that yellow polka dot skirt is adorable! I wish I had a sewing machine to make my own.

  3. Love that yellow skirt!! Good luck- I can't wait to hear how the skirt sewing goes!

  4. I love high waisted skirts that I can wear with a tucked in tshirt or tank and a cardigan. And then any Louboutins of course!


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