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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Simple Recipes – Strawberry Mousse with Berries


In April I came across a super easy mousse recipe when I was flipping through a “light” cookbook. The recipe caught my eye, because it looked absolutely amazing and made me drool a little. So I tried it. I ate almost the entire bowl by myself.

The next day I made some more since we were having company. It was amazing, and I hard nothing but compliments about it.

Strawberry Mousse 4

Since it was a hit then, I decided to make it again for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday party.

Strawberry Mousse 2

AND you want to know the best part?! It takes about three minutes to make. OH yeah!

Here is what you need:

  • 4 cups of fresh strawberries cut into fourths
  • 3/4 cup of sugar
  • 1.0 oz pack of sugar free instant vanilla pudding
  • 8.0 oz container of Cool Whip Light

You’ll need a blander and a medium mixing bowl.

  1. Put the strawberries and sugar into the blander and blend until its all smooth and liquidy!
  2. Add the vanilla pudding mix to this and blend some more
  3. Dump the mixture from the blender into the mixing bowl
  4. Add the thawed Cool Whip
  5. Mix by folding over the mixture into the Cool Whip
  6. Once everything is mixed it should be a light pink in color, and super smooth
  7. Pour into serving glasses and let it cool in the fridge until time to serve

I did serve them two different ways!

Strawberry Mousse 3

The first time the mousse was served in mini margarita glasses, with some coco powder sprinkled on top, and a small shot of amaretto. Very good and adult friendly.

Strawberry Mousse 1 

On Saturday I decided to make it more summer friendly, so I added berries. I put some cut up strawberries on the bottom of the cup and scooped some mousse on top. Then added raspberries and blueberries, another two scoops of mousse went on top of that. For the finishing touch a few strawberries went on top.

These babies were decimated both times.  


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