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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Travels: Road Trip to Texas


Husband and I will be heading down to Lubbock, Texas in November for a wedding on 11.11.11. What a cool date to be getting married on huh?! My brother and sister in law were married on 7.7.7 … so we’re going to have at least one couple on each of our side of the family who married on a cool date.

Now, we’re sort of excited that the wedding is in Lubbock… as uneventful as Lubbock is… because it is a days drive away from us. Literally, only about 9 hours away. AND since the wedding is on a Friday, we’re going to make a vacation out of our little trip and head over to Dallas.


Here is the Google Map of what our one way trip will look like. We’d obviously be going back the same way, stopping in Amarillo overnight before making the rest of the trip back. Originally, I wanted to stop by Santa Fe, NM on our way down to Lubbock but we figured there isn’t much to do in NOVEMBER in NM…

  IMG_0869  IMG_0872

These are the two photos I have of the last time we drove through Lubbock. We stopped on Avenue Q to have lunch at Whataburger. This is pretty much all the town has to offer, from what I know. Maybe we’ll discover something else on our trip there in November.

From our front door to the wedding location, is about 9.5 hours, and 537 miles. On our last road trip to Texas, we left Denver around 8 am and were in Lubbock by 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and drove another 2 hours to Big Spring before we stopped for the night.

Since the wedding is in the evening on Friday, we’ll be able to leave Thursday afternoon, and make it into Lubbock before midnight on Thursday, which will give us all day Friday to relax and get ready.

I’m thinking the next morning we’ll get up and spend some time with family, before we head out for the almost 6 hour drive to Dallas.

We’ve never been to Dallas, and since we’re looking to moving out there in the near future, we really want to get a feel for what it’s like and whether Dallas or Austin is the right city for us. We’ll probably do some sight seeing, and maybe check out a few of the builders in the areas right outside of Dallas.


I can’t wait to explore this city! And we are so overdue for a vacation, so this will be perfect.

We are still deciding as to where we’re going to be staying, and how we’ll drive down. Since it’ll be November, we’re worried about Snow on the road in Colorado, and our car hates snow. Remember this:car at home

There wasn’t even that much snow when it initially got stuck in the middle of the street. BAH.

So we might just rent a car… or we might take up my in-laws on their offer to drive down together, and then explore Dallas together. Or we might take our project car down… but adding so many miles to it will break my heart.

So, have you been to Dallas? What shall we do?! Are you in Dallas (Linds) and want to make time for us?!



  1. If you are history buffs in the least, the place where Kennedy was shot (Duley Plaza and the Texas Book Depository) are pretty cool!

  2. i was about to say ... oh no you didn't talk about dallas and lubbock and not mention me - haha then I saw it! I will be commenting on all my recommendations tonight! (when i catch up on the rest of your bloggity blog)

  3. We just drove to TX for a funeral and it was a 19 hour drive (not including all the stops for gas, food, etc). It was miserable- 9 hours sounds like a dream compared to that - LOL!

  4. Looks like a fun trip! Never been to Dallas but would love to go - was hooked on Dallas in the 80s!!

  5. Yay, vacations are so much fun! We have a wedding on that date too!

  6. you had me at whataburger!!!
    i came over from raven's blog and i'm gonna add you to my reader....

  7. OK I'm going to ignore the fact that you said the only thing to do in Lubbock is eat at the Waterburger on Avenue Q. First of all, I spend many of a drunk nights in college at that Waterburger, which def contributed to my Freshman 15.

    Second of all, Lubbock has a ton of restaurants and stuff to do!!! Yes, it's a college town, but def more stuff than a fast food joint.

    You need to eat at these places:

    -Spankys for burgers and their fried cheese by campus (off University)
    -One Guys Pizza by campus (off University)
    -Orlandos is good Italian, but if you want something a little fancier, eat at Stella's ... very good! Orlando's is great though and more laid back.
    -Oh and this is a MUST. You need to go to Chimy's on Broadway right by campus and have a frozen house margarita (2 and you will be housed) and after you get a buzz, order their chicken nachos to split with your hubs. Trust me, they are huge. My favorite place in Lubbock.

    OK, if you go out in the Depot District at all while you are there, you have to eat the Depot BBQ late night. YUM.

    Letttttttttts see what else. There is the Buddy Holly Museum, which is honestly pretty boring. We have a mall (sucks though) and hmmm ... I'm sure you'll have plenty to do for the wedding.

    Dallas .... I'll need to e-mail you for that. Obvi more to do there. What kind of stuff are y'all thinking???


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