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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I’m Loving Wednesday


It’s Wednesday, and that means that I’m link up with beautiful Jamie over at This Kind of Love.

I am loving that it is already Wednesday, and that I am heading to my first ever Yoga in the Park class. I cannot wait. Oh and the best part, it’s only $4.00 for an hour long class. I’ll give you an update on how that went once I am back, and feeling great.

I’m also loving these summer dresses. They are perfect for a picnic or just a day out on the town. Heck, I’d even wear them to run errands.

Enchanted Afternoon Dress

From Here

Royal Icing Dress

Found Here

I am loving that I get to spend another long, 4 day weekend with the Mister. Since he is taking an extra day off in addition to it being his off Friday. We are going to have a nice little staycation. Possibly throw in a movie date to see transformers.

Loving the fact that we got to spend Sunday evening with our best friends, and had such a good time that I am still on a high from it. I love Katy, Kevin and their adorable daughter Kodi who I consider my niece.

I’m loving that I finally got the guts to tell my boss at the hospital that I am done. Doing what I love is great, but when I am not making any money, and in fact it is costing me money to be there it becomes frustrating. I love that I have made up my mind, and the decision is not weighing down on me anymore.

I’m also loving the fact that I finally finished my resume and applied to three different jobs. AND I would love if all you lovelies would keep your fingers crossed for me.

OH and I’m loving that I finally met the owner of the other white and black Camaro SS today, at a stoplight. So random, and so fantastic.

I’m just loving life right now, even though we’re still in a limbo. I’ve got a great support system. Amazing friends and family. And above all a life worth living.

And of course, I’m loving my handsome man.


This is the first picture of the hubby that I ever saw, on his old bike, he was about 20 here.

Hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday!


  1. Will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you! I'm loving life so much more since I finished work in Feb xoxo

  2. Yoga in the park for $4 ... sign me up! Let us know how it goes! I would love to do something like that!

  3. Those dresses are gorgeous! I need them both!

  4. LOVE that blue dress!!! So pretty! What a great post- there are so many things to be thankful for in life that we just take for granted, like friends and family! :)


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