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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Goals


I had started doing monthly goals for a while, and then I fell off the wagon, because… well I’m a slacker and I wasn’t getting anything done. But I’m also stubborn and don’t like to give up, so when I read Leah’s post today, I got motivated to give it another try.

So here are the goals:

1. Finish reading the last two books in The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I have Turn Coat and Changes left. Both the books are sitting on my nightstand, hence it should not be very difficult to finish these books.


2.  Work out at least 3 days at the gym and some form of exercise 6 days a week. I started out doing this last week, but then ended up with a massive sinus infection which rendered me useless for the rest of the week. Included in this goal is to truly finalize my workout plan, and possibly do another Fitness Challenge.

Strong is the new skinny 2

pic via

3. Operation Closet Clean Out ( I am stealing this one from Leah as well). My closet has been needing help for a while. Since I’ve been spoiled rotten my whole life, I never had to deal with a tiny closet, so now it’s a bit of a dilemma. And the perfect solution is to get rid of things I haven’t used in a while no matter how attached I am to them.

I’m dreaming of this!

4. Set up a solid girls night out and stick to it. I miss having one night a week set out to go and have a few drinks with my best girlfriends and bitch about husbands, jobs, life and so on. We’re starting it up on Thursday!

5. Start running… sigh… again. A friend’s husband told me a few good tricks from the army and I’m going to try it out.

6. Clean out our bedroom and keep it clean. I spend hours cleaning it and within two days it is back to being a mess. I want to make sure that the bed is made on a daily basis, the curtains pulled aside to get light and fresh air into the room, and that there are NO clothes left on the floor hummm husband!

7, Sort through my photos. Make a backup of everything on an external drive and get things in order.

8. Finish this stupid class. And maybe be done with school forever?! Or at least for the next few weeks.

9. Get a job to start on August first.

10. Keep my nails kept. Smile 


Come on guys! Let’s kick July’s butt! Make up your goals and join Leah and I for an accomplished July!



  1. Good luck with the goals & the job hunting!
    If you want your nails to look nice check out my DIY French Manicure post on my Health & Beauty page xoxo

  2. why are the boys so messy when it comes to removing clothes?! ALWAYS on the floor! Best of luck with the goals!

  3. Sounds like a good list! I think that's the most famous closet pic ever!

  4. My closet is definitely in need of a makeover. And you have to catch the boys when they're getting ready for bed, and remind them just as they're putting their clothes on the floor haha...another good way to make them keep it clean is to make them clean the whole room/house themselves. Then they actually know what goes into cleaning it!

  5. i totally want to start a weekly girls night here in norway...just gotta find some worthy girls first hahha!!!!

  6. Good list. What are the tips you got about running? You can do it! You know you can!

    And I was reading some other old posts and love the new ring you have picked out. So pretty!


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