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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Always catch the sunrise

I've been told that you can always tell how your day will go by the sunrise! 

And this morning it was beautiful! 

This is the view I woke up to at 6:30 am this morning! I just had to grab my camera and take a picture! The picture is taken through the windows above our family room! 

The colors were just amazing!
True to the saying, I've been having a pretty beautiful day today!


I met a childhood friend of mine for a cup of coffee and some breakfast this morning! 

Breakfast consisted of a Asiago Cheese Pretzel and a cup of green tea!
It was pretty delicious! I love snacking on these pretzels but I feel that they are more than enough for a quick breakfast! 

After the breakfast/coffee date, I worked for a bit! Then, at around 1:30PM, decided that it was time to go home and have some lunch... 

Lunch was pretty boring, just a turkey sandwich with a side of bread and butter pickle.
It got the job done, but nothing exciting about it. 


Over this past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop in downtown Denver. The class was held by Chimpsy and the instructor was Mark Cafiero, who is an amazing wedding photographer, check out some of his work by clicking on his name!
Mark was able to get a newbie, like me, to shoot in full manual in a matter of a hour and a half! 
Both my friend, Lena and I really enjoyed the class and are planning on going back for more!

This might be one of my favorite shots from the workshop!
Lena's shoe!
The photo on the left is slightly adjusted and the photo on the right is the raw image from the camera!
Now I am drooling over a new lens for my DSLR... oH the wonders it will do...

This one from Canon would be lovely... sadly it is $1700.00 and a weeeeieee bit out of my budget. 
One day you will be mine!!!


My hair is finally done and it looks beautiful! 


Thank you to the beautiful Kaitlin Herrera!!!
The red is the amazing crimson red that I have been wanting for so long! Not only is it in my bangs but also in the chunks of blond that I use to have! It looks fantastic! 

Postcard from France!!!

A friend of mine was in Paris and send me this beautiful postcard! 

For those of you who know me, you know that I love getting postcards!!! I'll even send myself one every time we are on a trip so that I can have the stamp from the country or state that it came from!!!

HINT**** Send me postcards, I'll love you forever!!


I got this beautiful first edition, Franklin Library leather bound, gold-gilt edged Huckleberry Finn from my grandfather for my birthday! When I heard about the editing that will be taking place in this book I was outraged! I shared my feelings with my grandfather, and he remembered! He got me this "unedited" book so that I can always have the original script written by Twain!

PS... this is the note from Mark Twain in my collector's edition of Huck Finn!

I also received this beautiful tea set from my aunt! 
I'm a little in love with it!


That's all for now folks! Time to go work!


  1. What a beautiful sunrise! Everyday I wake up in England it is grey. Looks like a great day though. When I get back we will have to have tea, its sort of the thing to do over here.


  2. Stellar sunrise!! Love that about colorado :)
    I also have that edition of Huck Finn. Love it!!
    Love Mark Twain. Hate that they're editing it!!
    Way to ruin a classic with your pc, commie bs.. Jeez!!
    ~ Dezaree


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