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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The internet is frozen

My internet decided to die on me last night, I think the freezing temperature is getting to it, so here is last nights menu and activities. I had lunch at about 2 PM since I was stuck outside in my car for a few hours.

Lunch consisted of some left overs from Sunday night's dinner! Baked tilapia, with some wild rice and fresh lemon. The wild rice is my favorite in the world, granted it's out of a box. I've tried making a few different kind of wild rice but it never actually turns out as good as the Rice-A-Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice with Herbs.

Around 3:00 PM the snow picked up. 

Donald got home around 4:30PM, they closed down early since the roads were getting so bad. Unlike me, he had an easy time getting home, the car being our little Cavalier! After getting home he decided that he would try and move the Camaro into the garage...

After about an hour of pushing, pulling, skidding, sliding and all kind of other thing we got the car on the driveway. Then through the use of some handy-dandy bathroom rugs we got it to slowly move into the garage. Trying to push this car was trying to move a brick building that was constantly sliding the wrong direction.

My hands and toes were frozen by the time we came back in. I sat by the fire and enjoyed a bowl of strawberry yogurt with bananas.

This is definitely one of my favorite snacks and I tend to eat this a lot for breakfast. Sometimes I'll cut up strawberries into it as well. I also add some Udi's Artisan Granola which comes in several flavors that I love.

   Unfortunately I was out of granola and strawberries. 

After getting some feeling back into my frozen toes, and some food into my system. I started to feel a little more alive and starting making dinner! 

Bean and cheese burritos are my specialty, and Donald's favorite!!! I mushed up some pinto beans and made them into refried beens. Add about a cup of grated cheese into the beans and you have the stuffing. Dice some red onion, tomatoes and lettuce. I also add pickled jalapeños for a little extra spice. 

Food for thought: What are some ideas for fast and delicious dinners?  

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