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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never enough time

I am getting a little overwhelmed right now. This week has been completely out of whack and its stressing me out. GRRRR!!!!  

Dinner tonight was a lazy ordeal. We don't really have much at home, since none of the 5 adults living in the household decided to go grocery shopping over the weekend. Dinner consisted of some honey baked beans and French fries...

So not only am I getting swamped with work, my internet is being a complete jerk, and research is progressing slowly, and I feel like I am running out of time and still have a to do list a mile long.

Part of what I do for a living is edit papers for others, tutor, help them with assignments as well as provide complete writing services when in need. However, some people seem to think that I can work magic and get them a 10 page essay in 2 hours when they provide me with the rubric, questions and some information regarding the paper.

On top of it, when I let them know that its impossible to do within 2 hours, especially when I've been working all day and it's 10 at night, they try to set up a time in the next day to do it. I don't like saying no to money, especially when its good money and I've been dying for a pair of new boots, but we'll see how tomorrow goes.

So far I've got a busy day that might never end.

For now, here's my boring post with all my bitchings about the day.

Have a great night and see you in the AM for breakfast!

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