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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's feed Bruce!!!

Donald introduced me to the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse when we first started dating. From the very first game I was in love! The game was exciting and fast paced, the crowed was even better! Will B from KBPI is the announcer for the games, and adds a lot of energy to it. Up to 2007 our team was fantastic, one of the top in the National Lacrosse League.

The first game I ever attended! This is the only picture from that night. The
Mammoth won by a long-shot!
In 2008 we bought our first set of season tickets, and attended every single game. We cheered like crazy and the Mammoth played their hearts out. Winning some, losing others. In the end it was all worth it! We renewed our season tickets in 2009, and again attended every single game, as well as watched all the away games on our computer, streaming it on the Colorado Mammoth's website since no sports channel was airing the games. This season, we renewed and upgraded our seats to be right behind the home team bench...

Even though the Mammoth did not win a single home game last season, we still showed up and cheered them on. Gave it out best effort to stay positive and hold our heads high. And since last season, we are still waiting for that home win... 

Today was just another heart-breaker. Over 14,000 fans, including us, drove through the nasty weather outside, got themselves to the Pepsi Center, and cheered the Mammoth on... and the refs just had to hand the game to the Stealth. What a bummer... every game we have lost this season has been by 1 point, and that's exactly what it was today. 

On the brighter side of things, we played a hell heck of a game! Langtry and Grant Jr. made some impressive shots and Connor Martin made his first ever NLL debut! Check out the sweet song that aired tonight!!

Yup! That is our newest forward! Let's see what will happen at next Saturday's game. We really need a win!

Now that I'm done blabbing about Lacrosse, I can move on to my next obsession. SHOES!

I got these! In the brown! I really did need a pair of warm winter boots, and these seem perfect! They are furry, knee high, rubber soled and leather! Perfect! 

I also got these! I really wanted the lighter color, but ALDO was out of it. I can't believe I waited since November for these boots and now the color I want is gone. Granted, I have several pairs of brown/light colored boots, so a black everyday pair will be nice! 
Cannot wait to get them in! 

OHHH... and I got a super deal on them! ALDO is having a sale, free shipping for orders over $75.00 plus I had an additional 10% off! Got both pairs with taxes, shipping and handling for $190.02! 

One last thing, before I head over to homework land:

One of the best car commercials I have seen. Granted the Dodge Challenger's commercials come pretty close! However, I am biased!

Tomorrow, we start back up with the meals!!!

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